Maintenance kits

Maintenance kits

Volvo Penta dealers offer assembled kits in order for you to save money as well as make sure you get everything you need to keep your engine in the best condition.

Impeller kits
Impeller kits ensure that you have all parts needed to service the sea water pump, and keep it watertight. The kits contain the impeller, necessary gaskets and glycerin.

On-board kit
The on-board kit increases the level of safety onboard. They contain a selection of items that should be considered essential for a boat owner to avoid a worn service part spoiling a great weekend at sea.

Tool kit
A comprehensive tool kit is necessary onboard. Volvo Penta tool kits are specially designed for service operations and apart from quality tools also contain oil drain pump, knife, etc. It is packed in a practical plastic tool box for easy stowage.

Drive maintenance kits
A "do-it-yourself" kit for boat owners who want to do the simple maintenance work on their drive systems. Each kit contains zinc anodes, drive gaiters and all other parts required for an annual drive service.

Tune-up kits for ignition systems
It´s an advantage to change all consumable parts of the ignition system at the same time. All parts needed to service the ignition system are included under only one part number. This ensures you don´t miss anything.

Service kits for diesel engines
Contains the oil filter and fuel filter, as well as the impeller and necessary gaskets.