Kommersiell utvidet dekning (CXC)

Volvo Penta provides customers around the world with the tools they need to protect their investment. Commercial Extended Coverage (CXC) offers coverage beyond the Standard Warranty period and, because it is transferable, it may increase the resale value of your product.

Volvo Penta CXC is an added optional coverage of original defects in material or workmanship for Marine Commercial engines Rating 1-4 and Prime Power (PP). It applies when the Volvo Penta International Limited Warranty and, if applicable, in countries where a national warranty applies when such Warranty has expired.

The CXC has to be ordered by the customer with the engine order, or at latest three months after commissioning.

The CXC coverage is limited to main components and can be ordered with one additional year coverage or two additional years coverage. For the D4/D6 engines only one year extra coverage can be ordered.