Intuitive driving

Intuitiv kjøring

Safe and predictable driving
With Volvo Penta IPS driving is a lot more intuitive than with inboard shafts – and much easier. The secret is in the steerable pods, pointing the entire thrust in the desired direction. They react immediately and precisely to driver commands, the turning radius is tight and tracking is absolutely straight. All this for safe and predictable driving.

Intuitive driver interface
Volvo Penta IPS is available with a range of features for different needs. With the new driver interface, most features are integrated in the controls, providing a new level of ease at the helm.
Here are some highlights:
Joystick Docking. Simply push the joystick in the direction you want your boat to move, or twist the top to rotate.
Docking station. With Volvo Penta IPS, you can add up to four joysticks. Install one at the aft deck and get perfect control when docking a larger vessel.
Dynamic Positioning System holds the boats position and heading, despite winds or currents. An excellent feature, useful in many situations.
Cruise control is a new feature that provides fingertip control of engine rpm, letting you optimize fuel economy.
Single-lever mode lets you control all engines with one lever. Easy and precise even in rough seas.