Volvo Penta IPS

Volvo Penta IPS – a proven success

Volvo Penta IPS is the modern inboard system, superior to inboard shafts in every vital aspect – handling, onboard comfort and performance. Those benefits has made Volvo Penta IPS the by far most popular pod system for leisure boats. Today, more than 10,000 units are installed in more than 250 different boat models worldwide.

Features for easy boating
The joystick is perhaps the most well-known feature of Volvo Penta IPS, making it possible to dock in a new and completely intuitive way. Since its release it has been accompanied by many other smart features, such as Dynamic Positioning System and Sportfish mode. The new Volvo Penta controls bring integrated buttons for Low-speed mode, Single- lever mode and Cruise control, making it even easier to enjoy boating with Volvo Penta IPS.

Up to 100 feet
This year we launch two new models, the IPS1200 and the IPS1050. They feature larger pods and our powerful D13 engine with a unique twin-entry, dual-stage turbo. Their amazing performance means you can enjoy the benefits of Volvo Penta IPS in larger yachts, up to 100 feet.
Benefits in numbers
The unique design of Volvo Penta IPS makes a huge difference when it comes to performance, emissions and onboard comfort. 
The unique benefits of Volvo Penta IPS*
  • 40% longer cruising range
  • 20% higher top-speed
  • 30% reduced fuel consumption
  • 30% less CO2 emissions 
  • 50% lower percieved noise level
  • Joystick docking
*Compared to inboard shafts at cruising speed, approximate figures. 90% reduction in fuel consumption awards about 40% longer cruising range.