Engine monitoring displays

2.5" display Engine Monitoring Display
A black and white display with easy push-button navigation. Can show a large amount of different data from one engine, including optional trip computer information. Read more

4" display Engine Monitoring Display
Designed to match EVC (Electronic Vessel Control) diesel and gasoline engines. Read more
4" colour display Engine Monitoring Display
Shows all available information for one or two engines and you get the information you choose in one, easy-to-read screen. Read more
7" colour display Engine Monitoring Display 
The top-of-the-line in modern boat instrumentation. It can show data from up to three engines and trip computer information. This display also has a video input. Read more

NMEA 2000 interface Engine Monitoring Display
NMEA is the standard of marine electronics. The software, sensors and chart plotter you choose to install will determine the data that can be received and displayed. Read more

Autopilot interface
Engage, set your course and relax. Together with the Joystick Driving feature, the Autopilot offers a new and much more comfortable way of maneuvering your boat. Read more