Magic docking with the joystick
Volvo Penta IPS Joystick was introduced at the London Boat Show in January 2006. The advantages provided by Volvo Penta's ingenious joystick are obvious. With a few simple hand movements, the boat driver can safely place the boat at the quayside even in difficult wind conditions. Just move the joystick in the direction you want the boat to go and Volvo Penta IPS does the rest.

Two new models: IPS350 and IPS600
Two new models - the Volvo Penta IPS350 and IPS600- have been added to Volvo Penta's highly acclaimed range. This means that the Volvo Penta IPS range now comprises a total of four engines, all of which are available with the new "joystick" feature.

Volvo Penta IPS as Quad installation
The 75-foot Lazzara LSX 75 express yacht is the world's first boat to install four Volvo Penta IPS drive units. With the new system, the boat gains properties and performance that are entirely new for boats in these size classes. There is a 30- to 50-percent improvement in the boat's fuel consumption and range, and furthermore, it is quieter, cleaner - and faster.

Volvo Penta launches its most powerful engine for power generation
Compact, fuel-efficient and with excellent load step performance are characteristics of the new Volvo Penta TWD1643GE diesel engine. These features are a result of Volvo Penta's use of the latest advanced engine technology, such as; dual stage turbo chargers, dual stage charge air cooling and electronic engine control with CAN bus technology. This new 16.1 litre displacement engine has market leading performance:
 - 630 kVA prime power 50 Hz
 - 605 kWe standby power 60 Hz.
Smart electronic accessories
A series of new products incorporating the latest technology are now being launched to make life afloat simpler, safer, and more comfortable and convenient.

Power trim assistant is a function that automatically trims the Aquamatic sterndrive to match the engine speed, lowering fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.

The Low speed mode for inboard shafts halves the boat speed when idling, greatly facilitating manoeuvring and docking.

The trip computer lets the boat driver access virtually all data - from oil pressure to speed over ground and fuel consumption from one single instrument.