Japan International Boat Show 2014

by Volvo Penta Japan

Volvo Penta Japan successfully participated in the Japan International Boat Show at Yokohama from 6th to 9th March 2014.

Volvo Penta Japan had participated successfully in the Japan International Boat Show 2014 held in Yokohama.   This annual event was organised by Japan Maritime Industry Association (JMIA) from 6th to 9th March 2014.  This year there were exhibitors from 175 companies and groups in both the indoor and outdoor categories.  The 4 days event attracted 35,439 visitors.

An outdoor exhibitor booth at Yokohama Bayside Marina was being setup nearer to all the boats.   The booth size (3m x 11m) displayed IPS-LEG and IPS props, IPS600 and D11-670.   In addition, a large monitor constantly streamed the video of the “New Glass Cockpit”, “IS” (Interceptor System) and also to promote “2+3 Extended Coverage” to the participants.

Japan boat show 02 Japan boat show 03

At the floating marina area, there were many boats being exhibited: 27 boats and 17 sail boats.   It was noted that of the 27 boats exhibited, 25 were diesel engines and 2 were outboard engines.   In the 25 diesel engines boats, 12 were Volvo Penta engines (totalling 48% share). 

In this event, Yamaha officially launched the new boat “DFR36” with Volvo Penta D9-500/ZF286 el.-trolling valve gearbox.  “DFR” means Diesel fishing revolution and leisure hobby fishing.   The “DFR36” was drawing attention from all visitors.

Japan boat show 04

We saluted the Volvo Penta Japan team who had made it possible to ensure that participants had a higher awareness of our products and services.   Below picture showed the Japan International Boatshow Ambassador posing with one of our team member.

Japan boat show 05 Japan boat show 06

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