Aquamatic drives and propellers

Each Volvo Penta propeller is a vital part of the propulsion package and developed exclusively for a specific drive and engine series. The design is unique, which results in high efficiency at all speeds, safe handling, easy maneuvering – and excellent onboard comfort.

Single propellers
The single propellers are made from aluminium or high-performance stainless steel and are available for right-hand and left-hand rotation.

Duoprop propellers
Twin, counter-rotating propellers – with patented blade design – give perfect handling, easy maneuvering, excellent grip and long drive-train life. Advanced materials are used to optimize the range for different needs. This year, we are introducing the new high-performing aluminium I series for DPS and OceanX drives.

Propeller SX DPS DPH DPR OceanX
Type SX (single), 3-blade aluminium X
Type SX (single), 4-blade aluminium X
Type SX (single), 3-blade stainless steel X
Type I, aluminium X X
Type F, stainless steel X X
Type G, nickel-bronze-aluminium X
Type GR, stainless steel X