1980´s product launches pace up

The 1980s was also the decade of many introductions. It began with the charge-air-cooled TAMD40 and AQAD40/280. They were followed by the diesel four-cylinder 30 engine, and an improved S-drive. Other products and new features introduced by Volvo Penta included direct injection on the 31 and 41 engines, the TID61 and 71, the AQ131 and 171, the AQ211, 231, and 271 V8 engines and, the industrial 16-litre TID162.

1987 was a big year for the Industry Division not only because of the new 16-litre diesel TID162. The GenPac concept, with the pre-assembled engine mounted on a flexible steel frame which is also the transport frame, simplified the work of final assembly for the builders of generator sets. Collaboration with the French company Leroy-Somer resulted in the Genset Kit that is an assembly package in which the generator is also delivered as a component adapted for final assembly by the customer.