1907-2007. The first 100 years.
2007 marked the centennial celebration of Volvo Penta as a company. The success of Volvo Penta IPS is growing rapidly and more than 100 boat models already have the system. The diesel sterndrive range is further strengthened. Volvo Penta Oceania is formed as a wholly owned sales company for the region. Industrial engine sales are strong, as is the marine commercial segment.

100 years
Engine manufacturer Volvo Penta was founded in 1907 and 20 years later delivered the first engine to Volvo’s first passenger car, the Jakob. In 1935, Penta was acquired by Volvo and has been part of the Volvo Group since then. As we know, Volvo Penta of today is one of the world’s largest suppliers of boat and industrial engines, with operations worldwide.

Volvo Penta IPS moves into sportfishing
American boat-builder Spencer Yachts, with a worldwide reputation in sportfishing, offers the perfect sportfishing yacht with Volvo Penta IPS.

Volvo Penta IPS offers totally new possibilities:
“We are extremely satisfied with what we accomplished with Volvo Penta IPS. The engines are now under the cockpit deck which creates a lot of extra space. It’s allowed creation of a 43 foot boat with the living space of a 52 foot boat with two staterooms,” says custom boat builder and sportfishing legend Paul Spencer.

The efficiency of the Volvo Penta IPS is clearly apparent in the Spencer 43. Fuel consumption is low, despite a cruising speed of just over 30 knots. “The boat has a range of more than 500 nautical miles at 30 knots, which is a good thing now that people want to go and fish a lot of places that are way off shore,” says Paul Spencer.

Follows the fish
The driver of a sportfishing boat hunting for large fish such as tuna or swordfish wants to be able to follow the fish so that the boat’s stern is always facing the fish. This type of boat always has two engines and the driver maneuvers the vessel solely with the controls. The steering wheel is not used.

With the new “sport fish mode” of the Volvo Penta IPS, the pods are directed outward to the very maximum. When the driver operates one engine forward and the other in reverse, the torque is many times as great as when the propellers face backwards (which they always do with conventional inboard engines).

“You need to experience ‘sportfish mode’ first-hand to appreciate just how effective it is. The driver can maneuver and turn a 40-foot boat weighing 10 tons as though it were a nimble little dingy. Fishermen who've tested this function were lyrical over it!” says Pelle Nestvall, project manager at Volvo Penta.

Sportfish mode on YouTube >>

The world’s most powerful diesel sterndrive engine and the world’s most powerful four-cylinder diesel engine

Diesel engines coupled to sterndrives are one of Volvo Penta’s most important product areas, with the company maintaining a market-leading position in this sector for many years.

The world’s most powerful four-cylinder diesel engine produces 300 horsepower from a remarkably compact package. Performance and installation dimensions are both comparable with big-block V8 gasoline engines.

The world’s most powerful diesel engine with sterndrive previously produced 350 hp. Now it offers 370.

Powertrim Assistant
The Aquamatic range is available with Powertrim Assistant that automatically gives the boat a favourable trim angle for enhanced safety and comfort. Speed characteristics and fuel consumption are also better with Powertrim Assistant.

The drive is trimmed on five different axes which are preset for a given engine speed. It is trimmed to the maximum during acceleration so the boat quickly starts planing and then gradually trims out to give the boat the best and most fuel-efficient trim angle.

Volvo Penta presents emissions-approved 5-16 liter range for inland waterways duty
The propulsion and genset engine range complies with EU Inland Waterway (EU IWW) emission regulations. The engines have a great deal of technology and components in common and this means that service and maintenance are essentially performed in the same manner. In addition, more filters and spare parts are common to all three engines, which assures easier parts stocking.

Tier 3-compliant power generation engine range
Volvo Penta’s new 250-350 kWe power generation engine is a completely new, high-tech design. It satisfies the toughest existing emissions requirements – EPA/CARB Tier 3. The series is highly reliable and durable, and is manufactured in one of the world's most advanced and quality-assured plants.

The new TAD1350 series has a displacement of 12.8 liters and comes in three versions: TAD1350GE, TAD1351GE and TAD1352GE with power outputs ranging from 250 to 350 kW.