New Invictus TT460 powered by Volvo Penta: High performance has never been so comfortable

Italian boatbuilder Invictus Yacht launches the new Invictus TT460 powered by Volvo Penta’s latest D6 IPS package – offering a new level of speed and maneuverability without compromising on comfort or charm.

New Invictus TT460 powered by Volvo Penta: High performance has never been so comfortable

Invictus Yacht has worked hard to design a boat that brings the luxury of a larger yacht in a charmingly small package. Luxury isn’t the only thing that Invictus Yacht has managed to preserve – high power has also been maintained. By utilizing Volvo Penta’s powerful new D6 Inboard Performance System (IPS) the Invictus TT460 has the power of a much larger vessel. However, the compact design of the Volvo Penta D6 IPS package has meant that power has not had to compromise spaciousness. This has allowed the designer to focus on perfecting the details and customizing the space.

The Invictus TT460 is powered by two Volvo Penta IPS 650 engines. The latest generation Volvo Penta D4/D6 IPS packages include a complete propulsion solution from prop to helm. The benefits of this new package touch on almost every aspect that boat owners consider important – including performance, reliability, durability, running costs, and maintenance. They also deliver a more enjoyable experience, with a more comfortable ride and greater maneuverability.

New Invictus TT460 powered by Volvo Penta: High performance has never been so comfortable

Maximize comfort and maneuverability
The compact design of the D6 IPS package means that there is more room for crew comfort and living space. Volvo Penta IPS is designed for low noise and vibrations for even more onboard comfort.

Additionally, the latest D4/D6 package offers superior maneuverability – at slow-speed and excellent high-speed handling – through the steerable IPSs. The IPSs are controlled by a joystick which makes docking easier and safer, even in confined spaces – like crowded harbors – so the crew and captain can relax and enjoy.

High performance
Volvo Penta IPS has forward-facing propellers which enhance the – already high – performance and maneuverability by working in undisturbed water and helping the boat ‘grip’ the water. The D4/D6 range is Volvo Penta’s most technically advanced propulsion package; delivering performance outputs of between 150 to 480 hp. Not only does this package offer 10% more power across the range, but these engines are also more fuel-efficient – so you can go further without worrying about refueling.

The Invictus TT460 is the perfect coupling of beautiful craftsmanship and inspired technology.

“The Volvo Penta IPS package flawlessly compliments our new yacht,” says Christian Grande, Designer at Invictus Yacht. “The new package is powerful and has excellent handling whilst still being compact, fuel-efficient, and quiet. Additionally, the engine controls are designed to be high-tech and modern which perfectly fits in our cockpit, adding value to the propulsion package. All this adds up to make the Volvo Penta IPS package the perfect match for this charming luxury yacht.”

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