Volvo Penta powers stone crushers manufactured by P.J Jonsson & Söner

Beautifully situated in the middle of Sweden you can find P.J Jonsson & Söner, a family business that has been working with stone crushers since the 1960’s. They focus on producing durable, high-quality crushers that live up to their full potential. The two brothers, Anders and Gunnar, told me about the high standards their stone crushers must live up to, and why they have chosen to power their crushers with Volvo Penta engines.

Anders and Gunnar, you are a part of the Jonsson family in more ways than one. How did it all start?
The history of P.J Jonsson & Söner goes all the way back to 1953 when our grandfather, together with his sons, started the business. However, it was not until the early 1980’s that we started manufacturing our own electrical mobile crushers. Today, we offer reliable and high-performing mobile crushers. They enable fast and efficient relocations within quarries or to new crusher sites. We are one of the largest actors on the market, providing mobile stone crushers to customers worldwide. Our customers operate in different industries, such as the mining industry and construction industry. Since we are a family business we have created a unique and long-term commitment, both to our customers and the stone crushing industry.

For our equipment to deliver at its full potential and maintain high uptime for our customers, it is important for us to be available in all situations at all times. Therefore, we focus on providing high-quality service, support and spare parts.

Jonsson Och Soner Kross

Can you describe the process of manufacturing a stone crusher?
There are several types of crushers to choose from, such as jaw crusher, gyratory crusher and cone crusher. We always start by discussing with the customer what type of crusher they want. We also establish what needs and expectations they have on their new crusher. The next step is to order a crushing unit from Sandvik. On the crushing unit, we mount screens, feeders and conveyors, which we design and manufacture ourselves. The different sorting options are customised to fit each crusher, to live up to the customers’ specific requirements. Finally, to power the stone crusher we install the Volvo Penta powered electrical generator that is manufactured by Elektromatik.

Upon delivery in the Nordic countries, we have a unique cooperation with Volvo Penta. One of their representatives is present when the customer receives their new stone crusher. That enables the customer to get hands-on information and tips about service and maintenance of the engine. The customers highly appreciate meeting their new Volvo Penta contact person already in the start-up phase. It is also a reassurance, for us at P.J Jonsson & Söner, to know that our customers are in good hands when it comes to service and spare parts for the Volvo Penta equipment.

What are the differences between a mobile crusher and a fixed crusher?
A fixed crusher is a much bigger investment, and is not as flexible as a mobile crusher. Another benefit with a mobile crusher is that it can be placed close to where the stone is extracted in the quarry. A fixed crusher will eventually end up further and further away from where the stone is extracted. This will result in costly transports of large rocks to the crusher. Instead, the mobile crusher processes the stones close to the mountain and the finished compressed products are easier to transport. In addition, a mobile crusher can be positioned in a safe spot during detonation, which minimises the risk of damages to the crusher. In short, with a mobile crusher you could say that you bring the crusher to the mountain, not the mountain to the crusher.

Which requirements must a stone crusher live up to?
A stone crusher needs to have high uptime and maintain qualities such as high availability and capacity. Also, the material must be resistant and durable. Due to the dusty environment, it is important to protect the equipment using filters and fans. As long as you take care of your stone crusher, giving it the service and maintenance it needs, it can operate indefinitely. We built our first stone crusher 31 years ago, and it is still operating!

How important are accessible service and spare parts?
When buying our products, our customers expect to attain full production without any downtime. To have service, support and spare parts close at hand are vital for us. That enables us to assist our customers whenever needed. We are very satisfied working with Elektromatik and Volvo Penta. We place great value on being close to our partners. They are accessible, have extensive knowledge, and due to their great service network they deliver service and support whenever needed. In addition, their products live up to current emission legislations. Due to our close and fruitful cooperation as well as their high-quality products, Elektromatik and Volvo Penta are our first choice.

Would you like to know more about Volvo Penta’s cooperation with P.J Jonsson & Söner, feel free to contact me with questions. Also, remember to read our article Elektromatik manufactures power generators using Volvo Penta engines. We love hearing from you and look forward to reading your comments on our social media channels.