Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18

Volvo Ocean Race is the longest and toughest professional sporting event in the world. The challenge is fierce: it takes nothing less than nine months to complete and involves conditions that range from freezing cold to searing heat. In a harsh environment like that, the sailing teams need to count heavily on technology and support that exude safety and reliability. That’s why Volvo Penta is, for the sixth time, an official supplier to the Volvo Ocean Race, providing engines, maintenance and additional power to the vessels and the race stopovers.

The Heart of the Yacht

The Heart of the Yacht

Every competing boat in Volvo Ocean Race is equipped with the Volvo Penta D2-75 with Saildrive. The engine is the sole source of power onboard, used to provide the boats’ total demand for electricity for communication, navigation equipment and power to convert salt water into drinking water. It also powers the hydraulic canting keel and is used as a primary propulsion source for safe navigation in and out of harbors. In a competition with such extreme conditions, where everything onboard needs to be 100% reliable, the D2-75 is definitely the perfect fit.

The Heart of the yacht
Volvo Race Village

Support On Land and at Sea

Volvo Penta also delivers power generation for all of the Volvo Pavillions on the race's 11 official stops, supporting business operations, guest hospitality, and the high-tech environment. The output of the compact gensets exceeds 400 kW. That’s the same power consumption as 30 private homes! The same technology used in the Volvo Pavillions is also available on the market to deliver power to people and society all around the world, matching strict demands on fuel efficiency, emission levels and vibration-free operation.

Our expertise wherever you are
Port Propulsion Power

Port Propulsion Power

Volvo Penta is also providing its next generation of gasoline sterndrive engines and complete prop to helm equipment for new RIBs (Rigid-hulled inflatable boats) that will be used by the sailing teams at each city where the race stops. The V6-280 is part of our industry-leading range, the cleanest gasoline segment engines available on the market.

Propulsion solutions

Johannes Karlsson

If you're going to spend nine months inside a boat, enduring one of the toughest competitions in the world, you better be able to count on great technical support. Well, that’s Johannes Karlsson’s job. With over 16 years of expertise, and the experience from three editions of the competition, this Volvo Penta engineer will travel to each stopover to deliver world-class engine support through The Boatyard. He is assisted by a staff of true experts and backed by the expertise of Volvo Penta’s global dealer network, securing world-class service levels to support all equipment onboard.

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Your age of exploration

All the Volvo Penta technology you need to be the adventurer that you truly are.

Power Generator

Power Generation - Wherever you are

Power that won’t quit. Wherever your operation exists, Volvo Penta is there to provide dependable power. Our engines are designed to be reliable and durable, engineered to satisfy the most demanding of challenges, no matter if the need calls for standby or prime power.

Standby and Prime Power
D2-75 - Reliable Power Source at Sea

D2-75 - Reliable Power Source at Sea

Smooth running with low vibration levels. Plenty of power and quick response when maneuvering. Excellent reliability and long service life. This is Volvo Penta D2-75, a marine diesel engine designed and built to be immensely strong.

Volvo Penta D2-75
For Powerboats

Gasoline Engines - Technology for Marine Leisure

Sporty and sharp, yet responsive and fuel-efficient, the Aquamatic Sterndrive is a new standard in gasoline engine technology for marine leisure. From the controls to the engine, and all the way to the drive and propellers, it's engineered to work seamlessly together.

Aquamatic Sterndrive Gasoline
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