Volvo Penta made to move you

Made to Move You

This is Volvo Penta

We are the bridge between man and the elements. On land and at sea. Down below earth and on the vast expanses of the world’s oceans. In growing urban areas and in the most remote places you can imagine. No matter what you do or where you are, we provide integrated power solutions designed to perform, endure and be easy to use. Bringing joy, growth and prosperity. Today and tomorrow.

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What we do

Volvo Penta is a world-leading supplier of power solutions to marine and industrial applications. Driven by innovation, our close cooperation with our customers and our century-long experience, we supply comprehensive solutions that are made to move emotions, people, businesses and societies.

On Land

Volvo Penta supplies premium power solutions for offroad applications all over the world. For equipment manufacturers and users. From round-the-clock mining operations deep below to vital construction equipment building our new tomorrow. From road building and landscaping to port-handling. With a perfect combination of strength and versatility, Volvo Penta engines supply industrial operations with durable and reliable performance. To this we add service and support that will maximize your uptime, no matter where in the world your operation is. Your productivity is our commitment, and this makes us a partner you can truly rely on – wherever, whenever.

On Land


Robust, reliable, scalable and with world-leading fuel efficiency, Volvo Penta off-road engines provide the perfect combination of versatility and strength to maximize uptime and productivity.

Off-road Solutions

On Land

Power Generation

From constant prime to standby backup power, Volvo Penta offers durable and dependable power generation solutions that supply essential power for furthering progress for people, operations and societies.

Power Generation Solutions

At Sea

We are with you out at sea, whether you are on holiday on your leisure boat or at the helm commanding a coast-to-coast heavy-duty transport ship. Volvo Penta innovations put you in control of the power that takes you anywhere you want to go, safe in the knowledge that you can count on your engine’s reliability and the strength of a truly global and accessible service network. Thanks to our marine expertise, we have redefined the marine industry over and over again, focusing on efficiency and sustainability and – always – our customers’ needs.

At Sea

Volvo Penta is the world’s largest manufacturer of diesel engines for leisure boats and the leading developer of marine propulsion systems. Our philosophy, “easy boating”, is the driving force behind innovations such as the Volvo Penta IPS, Inboard Performance System and Forward Drive – groundbreaking solutions that make boating easy, enjoyable and more fun.

Marine Leisure Solutions

At Sea

Sea and river transport, coastguards, passenger transportation and wind farming vessels all depend on their engines’ performance, reliability and durability. Volvo Penta offers drive systems and engines for propulsion, auxiliary equipment and complete marine generator sets – all to fulfill the wide range of requirements of the marine commercial sector.

Marine Commercial Solutions

What We Believe In

At Volvo Penta, we aim to be the most forward thinking and customer-focused supplier of sustainable power solutions. Innovative solutions that comply with the modern, socially responsible definition of premium and both meet and exceed the demands of a 21st century marketplace. You meet us on land and at sea – but the overall vision is the same. Through our marine and industrial engines and systems, we aim for total sustainability – economic, social and environmental. Wherever you find us, this remains the case, along with a high standard of service as well as our trademark innovation, our environmental care, and quality.

Core values

Core values


Quality reflects our promise to deliver reliable products and services. Our quality commitment extends beyond industrial craftsmanship and engineering skill. This is why we continuously work to develop our entire offer to add value to our customers. Excellence in quality is achieved by continuously improving our processes, products and services based on our customers’ requirements. In all aspects of our business, from product development and manufacturing to delivery and customer support, the focus is on the customers’ needs and expectations.

Core values


Safety is historically an integrated part of all Volvo products, processes and services – ensuring that our products fulfill the highest possible functional and operational standards in whatever context they operate – safety both on land and at sea. For most Volvo Penta engine applications, the concept of safety is related to durability and reliability. Other important issues are our design considerations when it comes to protecting the operator or user. In every detail, in every part of what we are and what we do, the safety of our products and our customers is paramount.

Core values

Environmental Care

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our solutions. We do this by proactive environmental programs covering the entire company, from product development and production all the way to sales and service departments. Fuel efficiency and emissions reduction have an essential role through the implementation of cutting-edge technology. In addition, we secured ISO 14001 certification for all functions and all of our production facilities, where our efforts have achieved significant reductions in the use of resources as well as minimized performance levels in the use of chemicals, emissions to air and water and waste management.

About Us

Our cultural values are in line with Volvo Group and include customer focus, passion, teamwork and professionalism. We build on our strong heritage, industrial and marine engineering expertise and our pioneering reputation to provide comprehensive business solutions that truly make a difference. We develop close partnerships with OEMs all over the world to fulfill not only their but also their customers’ requirements. We're an open and inclusive organization with a long and proud history of successful partnerships.

Modern Slavery Statement

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