Volvo Penta Easy Drain wins 2016 IBEX Innovation Award

Volvo Penta received an IBEX Innovation Award for the patent-pending Volvo Penta Easy Drain, the first gasoline sterndrive raw water engine-draining system that can be activated with a single knob, whether the boat is in or out of the water.


“At Volvo Penta, we often say that innovation is in our DNA,” said Ron Huibers, president of Volvo Penta of the Americas. “We’re very proud of our long history of firsts in the recreational boating industry, including the marine sterndrive, Duoprop, joystick steering, IPS, Glass Cockpit, Forward Drive and now the break-through Volvo Penta Easy Drain.

“A big thank you goes out to our superb team of engineers and dealers and our key boatbuilder customers who played an important role in bringing this latest innovation to market.”

The Volvo Penta Easy Drain system is designed with an anti-siphon vent that allows the engine to drain while in the water. The anti-siphon vent is actuated automatically with the push of a single knob, without disconnecting any water hoses. Previously, it was necessary to disconnect three different hoses.

A locking pin ensures no accidental opening of the system. Because all new-generation Volvo Penta gasoline engines are designed with a closed-loop fresh-water cooling system, the engine block is constantly protected by anti-freeze, making it easier to drain the raw water from the system.

Commenting on the selection of Volvo Penta IBEX Innovation Award, Craig Ritchie, an award judge, said: “Being able to quickly drain the engine at the push of a single knob, and without having to pull the boat out of the water, allows boaters to extend their season without fear of a cold snap damaging the engine.”

“The Volvo Penta Easy Drain was shown publicly for the first time at IBEX and is being launched as part of our ongoing Easy Boating initiative, which makes it easier for boat owners to enjoy the boating lifestyle by removing barriers and simplifying operation and maintenance of the boat,” added Huibers.

“Easy Drain makes winterizing a thing of the past. Year-round boating is now a reality.”