Volvo Penta signs deal with OEM Rottne to supply engines for forestry machines

Volvo Penta has teamed up with Swedish OEM Rottne Industri AB to supply 8-liter engines for one of its forestry forwarder machines. The deal will see Volvo Penta extend its reach in the forestry industry and allow Rottne Industri to gain access to new markets through the Volvo Group’s dealerships.


Forestry equipment manufacturer, Rottne Industri, will begin installing Volvo Penta’s 8-liter engines in its F15 forwarder – a machine that picks up and transports felled trees and logs. The eight-wheeled machine is one of the largest and most popular of its forwarder models and has a load capacity of 15 tonnes. The F15 has been in production since 2008, but has previously been powered by another engine manufacturer. Rottne Industri has switched to using Volvo Penta’s TAD850VE engine because of its excellent performance.

“As a Swedish company we believe in using local suppliers if possible and working with Volvo Penta is also a good opportunity for Rottne Industri to increase the overall quality of our forestry machines,” says Rolf Andersson, managing director of Rottne Industri. “We have learned, after careful testing, that this engine is strong, fuel efficient and of the best quality.”

Rottne Industri is one of the largest forestry machine manufacturers in Sweden and makes a range of harvesters (tree fellers) and forwarders. The company has been in operation since the 1950s and exports equipment all over the world. The F15 is a key product, accounting for around 35 per cent of total sales, globally. The model is the first of Rottne Industri’s machines to be equipped with a Volvo Penta engine.

Increase in quality
“Volvo Penta’s TAD850-853VE series suits our model range perfectly,” says Andersson.

“We could use the same engine base in five out of seven existing models and that would, of course, be a big benefit for us as a manufacturer and distributor.”

Volvo Penta’s TAD850VE is a compact engine for off-road applications. It provides high power and torque at low rpm, and its common rail fuel injection system ensures excellent fuel consumption. The engine complies with UNECE Reg 96 power band H (equivalent to EU Stage IIIA/EPA Tier 3) regulations. The six-cylinder TAD850-853VE series operates at 218-320 hp, and low noise enables it to be used in a range of applications.

Opportunities in Russia
In addition to the collaboration between Rottne Industri and Volvo Penta, the forestry OEM has also signed a deal for its machinery to be sold and distributed in Russia by Ferronordic Machines – an authorized dealer for the Volvo Group’s construction equipment division.

“This co-operation with Ferronordic Machines is a perfect step for us to integrate Volvo Penta engines for our forestry machines to the Russian market,” adds Andersson. “We strongly believe in the long-term potential of the Russian forestry machines market and are convinced that Ferronordic Machines is the right partner for us to capture this opportunity.”

Johan Burgren, Account Manager at Volvo Penta, says: “Rottne Industri is a large and well-known forestry machine manufacturer in Sweden and we are pleased that they are a new customer of ours. This expansion into Russia is a good business opportunity for growth for them, and we would like to work further with them in future.”

He adds: “The collaboration the Volvo Group has with Ferronordic Machines is quite extensive in Russia. We have a good history with them and the beauty of the collaboration is that they service both the engine and the machines they supply, so for Rottne’s customers it is a one-stop shop.”