Meeting customers’ needs and Stage V requirements for any tough off-road application

Volvo Penta provides power solutions specifically designed to meet the demands of tough applications running under the new European Union legislation for off-road diesel equipment. Under the theme ‘optimized for tomorrow’, the highest focus is on maximizing uptime and fuel efficiency, along with ease of installation and operation. Volvo Penta provides advanced engineering for ease of operation, and a complete diesel engine range to meet the needs of customers.

Meeting customers’ needs and Stage V requirements for any tough off-road application
Volvo Penta’s Stage V engine solutions are suitable for the toughest off-road applications.

With EU Stage V emissions standards for off-road machinery to be implemented in 2019, Volvo Penta has created an engine platform that is designed to assist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in making the transition simply and effectively. The company has built its range of engine solutions, from 5-16 liters, to offer optimal operation in any tough condition. The products, which provide power from 105 to 575 kW (143-782 hp), will be presented by Volvo Penta at Intermat, Paris.

“We know that the new EU Stage V regulations will raise new questions and challenges for many OEMs, and that they want to be certain they can move forward easily without any loss of performance from their machinery or having to incur great costs,” says Giorgio Paris, head of the industrial segment at Volvo Penta. “We can assure them that Volvo Penta has an off-road engine range suitable for their requirements, that can meet the challenges of any tough application, and is optimized for the needs of tomorrow.”

A plug-and-play solution
Volvo Penta’s Stage V off-road engine range, including D5, D8, D11, D13 and D16, has been created specifically for the rigorous requirements demanded by industries such as construction, mining and quarrying, forestry and agriculture, and lifting and hauling. The Stage V solution has been created with engineers and technicians focusing on the best way to offer customers what they need. A robust engine has been matched with an optimized exhaust aftertreatment system (EATS), to provide a powerful complete unit that is designed to offer ease of installation, operation and maintenance.

“Our engineers have created a solution that will enable hassle-free operation and enhanced productivity with minimal servicing required,” says Johan Carlsson, chief technology officer at Volvo Penta.

“The different engines, from five to 16 liters, have been tested under many challenging conditions to ensure that they are robust, durable and ready for any job. As a complete package of engine and perfectly matched EATS, each solution offers a flexible installation – a ‘plug-and-play’ system that will make life easy for OEMs,” says Carlsson.

Low total cost of ownership
For each Stage V model, common rail fuel injection and a fixed geometry turbo contribute to excellent fuel efficiency. An air inlet throttle, together with uncooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), and the electrical exhaust pressure governor (EPG), enable the system to function without the need to inject fuel into the exhaust stream to raise the temperature. With this approach, the exhaust gas has an optimal temperature when it passes through the EATS.

The EATS includes: Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC); Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF; for D5-D13 models); Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR); and Ammonia Slip Catalyst (ASC). (The D16 model does not require a DPF.)

“The smart heat management of our engines saves fuel, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership for customers,” adds Carlsson. “The engines and EATS work together to maximize passive regeneration and eliminate stand-still regeneration. Sulfur regeneration in the SCR catalyst isn’t required, and only soot regeneration is needed to clean the DPF. Overall, prolonged ash service intervals naturally maximize uptime for operators.”

Global network of support
Volvo Penta has an extensive global dealer network. Technicians and engineers are on hand 24/7 to provide support to customers, thereby reducing downtime. Volvo Penta is also able to leverage support from across the Volvo Group, where required.

“Our vision is to offer customers products and services that will give sustainability both to their business activities and to the environment,” says Giorgio Paris. “OEMs and operators can be confident that our great engine solutions, along with our excellent servicing capabilities, will equip them well in the manufacture and use of any off-road machinery,”

Volvo Penta will be at Intermat, Paris, from April 23-28. To find out more about Volvo Penta’s Stage V solution, go to

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Volvo Penta’s D8 Stage V engine with matching Exhaust Aftertreatment System.