Volvo Penta’s ‘Mighty Jobs’ series goes behind the scenes with machine operators

Spectacular machines in dramatic working environments, and entertaining and informative demonstrations of power and precision; the ‘Mighty Jobs’ series will take viewers to several fascinating locations where Volvo Penta’s industrial engine and machinery range is making a vast difference to the lives of customers and ultimately to daily life.

Volvo Penta’s ‘Mighty Jobs’ series goes behind the scenes with machine operators
Canadian presenter Lacey Rose guides viewers through all episodes of ‘Mighty Jobs’.

The first episode of the Mighty Jobs series will focus on mining, followed by episodes on harbors and forestry. The YouTube series showcases Volvo Penta’s industrial engines and will put a spotlight on the diversity of applications and possibilities for customers. Now a major part of Volvo Penta’s overall offering, the period from 2014-2017 saw an astonishing 34 per cent yearly average growth in off-road engine sales. The power generation engine range has also achieved widespread success by offering prime and standby power solutions to customers working in demanding environments.

With more than 100 years of experience in serving the industrial sectors, Volvo Penta is further expanding its global reach on land as a premium supplier of power systems with superior features in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, uptime and cost of ownership. By meeting and celebrating the operators of these machines, the ‘Mighty Jobs’ series fits neatly under Volvo Penta’s ‘Made to move you’ brand tagline, which reflects the synergy between the many business segments covered by the organization and those who work in different environments.

Diverse applications
‘Mighty Jobs’ will see Volvo Penta’s solutions put to the test on applications as diverse as harvesters, haulers, fire trucks and reach stackers. With more than a decade working in forestry, Canadian presenter Lacey Rose is ideally equipped to show what the machines are capable of.

“I have a passion for natural resources and am really looking forward to shining a light on people not normally in the public eye,” she says. “We want to show how this innovative machinery can improve not only efficiency but the world around us, and also how customers can benefit from an increased focus on sustainability. There’s no better way to do this than to experience it hands-on in real working environments.”

The contribution that premium power solutions are making to building the society and infrastructure of tomorrow is key to Volvo Penta’s continued drive to innovate, according to Giorgio Paris, Volvo Penta’s head of the industrial segment.

“Here we are dedicated to constantly improving and developing the power solutions of today and tomorrow,” he says. “This involves striving towards sustainability and adding value to our customers’ businesses. The ‘Mighty Jobs’ series is an excellent opportunity to see how our solutions are having an impact in many different ways.”

See the first ‘Mighty Jobs’ episode on YouTube. All episodes of Mighty Jobs will be available on all of Volvo Penta’s digital platforms.

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