Volvo Penta & Azimut Yachts making waves in Times Square

Volvo Penta and Azimut Yachts are in New York City showcasing their marine masterpieces at an extension event of NYCxDESIGN.

Volvo Penta & Azimut Yachts are making waves in Times Square

NYCxDESIGN is an annual celebration of design that attracts hundreds of thousands of designers and interested visitors from around the globe. This year Volvo Penta and Azimut are showcasing their state-of-the-art collaboration – the Azimut S6 yacht coupled with Volvo Penta’s IPS (Inboard Performance System) – showing the world of design a new ocean of possibilities.

The Azimut S6 yacht is on display in Times Square, the heart of New York City, as a real design object in association with Design Pavilion and NYCxDESIGN. The impressive installation is giving the public the opportunity to see the architecture and design of yachting up close. One of the aims of the exhibit, accompanying presentation and workshops is to highlight how to attain sustainable design through new technology and materials. One of the key technologies contributing to this yacht is Volvo Penta IPS.

Volvo Penta IPS stunned the boating world when it was first unveiled in 2005. The system’s innovative design has forward-facing, twin counter-rotating propellers that sit below the hull. The radical design was met with skepticism when first launched. But now its ‘crazy’ idea – of a forward facing, counter-rotating steerable propellers – is the benchmark for excellence in the industry. With individually steerable IPS drives – linked to the onboard Joystick driving and docking function (itself a revolutionary feature) – it provides superior handling, performance, and fuel consumption, and lower emissions and noise than a traditional inboard shaft installation. Uniquely tailored to each yacht this system fits perfectly with the Azimut S6. The IPS drive is not usually visible on these superyachts, so this is a chance to see the great design hidden under the water.

Volvo Penta and Azimut Yachts hope to reach a new generation of designers. Industrial design is often overshadowed by fashion and architecture but as Azimut and Volvo Penta demonstrate industrial design can be just as revolutionary, influential and awe-inspiring. “We see this as an occasion to connect with young talent,” explains Björn Rönnvall, Volvo Penta’s Yacht Segment Product Manager, “ and to inspire them to be future protagonists in the marine industry.”

The installation is on display in Time Square until the afternoon of June 11th.

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