New marine engines meet EU Stage V emissions regulations

Volvo Penta has upgraded its D8 and D13 engine packages to meet tough new EU Stage V emissions legislation introduced for Inland Waterway vessels in the European Union.

Volvo Penta D8 IMOIII  Marine

Volvo Penta has announced the introduction of 8 and 13 litre engine packages that meet the demanding requirements of the new EU Stage V marine for Inland Waterways legislation. The company will supply both D8 and D13 engine ranges that comply with the standards by leveraging its proven IMO Tier III technology, which uses a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treatment system.

Volvo Penta’s D8 MH 154-296 kW, D8 MG 239&275 kW, D13 MH 294kW and D13 MG 296kW will all be certified for EU Stage V marine for Inland Waterway. The D13 will be supplied from early 2021, while the D8 upgrade will follow in mid-2021. All versions could be delivered with the major classification societies certificates.

Proven concept for tough marine applications 
Volvo Penta’s SCR solution is already a proven success in the company’s IMO Tier III engines. Since 2018, Volvo Penta’s SCR solution has been successfully powering a wide range of demanding marine commercial applications.

The Volvo Penta SCR solution has been adapted for demanding marine conditions and tested extensively at the Volvo Penta facilities, as well as in commercial customer applications, for a total of 65,000 hours. The system is built to cope with high sulfur fuel 1,000 ppm and sustain high backpressure while maintaining engine efficiency and drivability.

“Volvo Penta is dedicated to supporting a sustainable future for our industry and the planet. As a result, we are committed to meeting the most challenging emissions regulations,” says Thomas Lantz, Product Planning Manager for Marine Commercial at Volvo Penta. “These new D8 and D13 EU Stage V marine for Inland Waterway engine packages will support a wide range of applications, from barges to tourist vessels – helping our commercial customers move with the times.” 

Easy installation, operation, and maintenance 
Volvo Penta’s SCR solution offers a complete system approach with a convenient single point of contact and source of aftermarket support. The units have multiple outlets that make installation flexible, especially useful when repowering, where the efficient use of machine room space has been a top priority. 

The SCR-unit is of a single-box design and the mixing of The UREA takes place inside the muffler. The SCR package also results in quieter operation, with noise levels reduced by 35 dBA. 

Lastly, operators can take advantage of the optional and fully integrated Electronic Vessel Control System. This allows the entire solution to be monitored from the Marine Commercial Control (MCC) displays. The whole solution is optimized for ease of installation, operation, maintenance, and service.

“Volvo Penta is committed to developing marine products that are emission compliant,” explains Thomas. “As a company we have leveraged the well-proven legacy of Volvo Penta products to develop marine products for the EU Stage V marine for Inland Waterway certification. We have done so to support our current customer base and futureproof our products – such as marine gensets.” 

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