Volvo Penta’s off-road Stage V/Tier 4F D16 wins engine of the year award

Volvo Penta’s most powerful engine in the versatile range – the new Stage V/Tier 4F D16, TWD1683VE – has been awarded Diesel Progress Summit’s Engine of the Year Award (>175 hp). Thanks to Volvo Penta’s cutting-edge technology the D16 is more powerful, fuel-efficient, and cleaner than ever before.

Volvo Penta’s Stage V/Tier 4F D16, is a 16-liter off-road engine designed for the demanding environments of mining, agriculture, construction, and forestry.

“We have worked in close collaboration with our customers to test this engine in the most demanding conditions and applications to guarantee that we deliver a product fit for purpose,” says Giorgio Paris President of Industrial, Volvo Penta. It’s an honor to receive the Engine of the Year Award at the Diesel Progress Summit. It is a great testament to the work we have put into developing this engine; and we hope this formal recognition, from a reputable panel of industry experts, reinforces to our customers that they have made the right choice.”

We take a look at the key benefits that impressed the judges. 

Increased Power
The new D16 has a dual-stage turbo system with a water-cooled charged air system. This is an impressive piece of technology where the water flow is regulated to ensure that the boost temperatures stay stable and low. This helps deliver high performance across the operational range, providing maximum torque at both low and high engine speeds. For example, in mining applications, customers can benefit from both high power and high-RPM torque leading to increased productivity. For agriculture operations, where the requirement is often for high torque at low RPMs, the D16 is optimized for low fuel consumption.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency
Fuel is the major expense to any operator but thanks to the low-end torque capabilities of Volvo Penta’s D16 engine customers see major decreases in their fuel consumption. The new D16 is based on proven technologies within the Volvo Group that have undergone millions of hours of testing and real-world use. Its versatile performance delivery, response, and highly efficient combustion will help customers reduce their fuel consumption by up to 10% when compared with the previous Volvo Penta D16 model.

Improved Emission Reduction
Lower fuel consumption means lower emissions. The Volvo Penta D16’s reliable exhaust after-treatment system (EATS) has been designed to use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology only, eliminating the need for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This means no periodic shutdowns for regeneration. The optimized EATS design ensures high uptime and minimal maintenance. This next-generation technology is also what enables this engine to be compliant with EU stage V and US Tier 4 Final.

“With a dual certification, this solution will open doors for customers to export and import their products between the U.S and Europe,” explains Martin Bjuve, President, Volvo Penta Americas. “The introduction of an engine at this output level allows us to deliver the benefits of reduced operational costs and optimal fuel efficiency to an even broader range of off-road applications.”

Thanks to the latest technology in the D16 engine customers can be assured that it pays to upgrade not only for the wallet but also for the environment.

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