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Volvo Penta launches Assisted Docking retrofit upgrade

Volvo Penta is launching its Assisted Docking system as a retrofit upgrade for many yacht owners with Volvo Penta IPS (Inboard Performance System), from the year 2012 and onwards.

Talking Power: Volvo Penta’s in-depth genset engine webinar

In this three-part power generation webinar Volvo Penta experts discuss the total cost of ownership, reliability, and response. Here’s what you need to know.

Volvo Penta’s D13 genset engine gets a power upgrade

Volvo Penta strengthens its generation engine portfolio with the introduction of a new D13 power node, the TAD1346GE 500 kVA. Reliable compact and fuel-efficient this is a great addition to...

ABBEMA crushes it with Volvo Penta-equipped Metso LT330D

When Swedish crushing, construction, and contractor ABBEMA acquired its biggest-ever cone crusher to meet growing demand two years ago, equipping it with a Volvo Penta D16 diesel genset...