All pumped up

Waterjet manufacturer Alamarin-Jet Oy selects Volvo Penta’s D6-435WJ engine to power its high-speed test boat.

All pumped up

When an old engine on Alamarin-Jet’s test boat broke down irreparably in 2017, the company sought a new replacement. The vessel is used to show international customers the proficiency of its latest waterjet unit, the AJ 285, and as such it was imperative that the company could install a new engine that would be appropriate for all requirements. After assessing the options from different suppliers, the Finnish company chose a six-liter model by Volvo Penta. The two companies have a history of working together over more than three decades, and it was this relationship, along with the capabilities of the engine, that made the selection a good choice.

“The D6-435WJ is a good choice for us in terms of its size and weight,” says Martyn Bowden, sales manager for the EMEA and North America regions at Alamarin-Jet. “It’s a compact engine, that provides the right amount of power, and it is a good combination with our AJ 285. We have a very light package and the two units together are a common platform which works well in the market. A lot of vessels are fitted with this trusted combination.”

He adds: “Our two companies share a connection for excellence in manufacturing and service, so the factor of the great dealer and service network that Volvo Penta offers is really important to us.”

Fastest growing waterjet manufacturer
Alamarin-Jet was founded in 1976 by a Finnish engineer with a passion for sport-fishing, who wanted to develop an alternative to outboard and sterndrive systems for boating along the coast of the Baltic Sea. The company now makes a range of waterjet units and has created a patented ‘Combi-Frame’ series, that allows for both long tail and short tail installation, with adjustments made to customers’ requirement simply by using a different hull insert.

The AJ 285 is the latest of Alamarin-Jet’s Combi-Frame models and is suitable for use with engines up to 500 hp. The test boat currently has a single control, drive-by-wire setup at the helm station, but will be reconfigured later in 2018 to become an un-manned service vessel for use with a remote control. The waterjet can be used in stand-alone vessels or in daughter craft to larger vessels, and due to its lack of protrusions below the hull, it is a suitable option for operating in shallow waters and emergency situations. The AJ 285’s main applications include military usage, coast guard operations, and commercial search and rescue functions.

“Our test boat is small, agile and fast, and we have customers from all over the world who come to see what the AJ 285 can do,” says Bowden. “Waterjets are a growing market thanks to their extreme maneuverability and ease of maintenance, and running costs are comparable to other propulsion systems. We are the fastest growing waterjet propulsion manufacturer in the world, and we look forward to many more years’ collaboration with Volvo Penta.”

International leading brand
Volvo Penta’s D6-435WJ is an in-line 6-cylinder, 5.5-liter diesel engine with common-rail fuel injection and double overhead camshafts. It has been developed especially for waterjet use without a supercharger, as these propulsion systems cannot utilize low end torque.

“We have been co-operating with Alamarin-Jet for a long time and they have recommended our diesel engines to their customers,” says Juha Joensuu, dealer business area manager for the Nordic region at Volvo Penta. “As well as the power output and physical size requirements of the D6-435WJ for their test boat, they recognize that we manufacture the best performance engines and provide worldwide support. We are an international leading brand.”

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