Welcoming delegates to High Speed Boat Operations Forum

Johan Inden, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Volvo Penta talks about the high-speed boat market and the company’s strategy as a leading proponent of products and services that are geared towards fulfilling the demanding requirements of this market.

Volvo Penta welcomes delegates to the High Speed Boat Operations Forum

The high-speed boat market for commercial operations is, undoubtedly, a highly specialized niche market. At Volvo Penta, we take pride in the premium products we produce for this sector that offer the highest performance and safety standards. Our engines, propulsion systems and control products are selected by international organizations for vessels used by fire and rescue services, ambulance operators, police forces and coast guard patrols.

The high professional standards that operators adhere to require the finest quality vessels and onboard systems. There is no room for mistakes in high speed and potentially dangerous situations, so the boat has to be safe and powerful at all times. Ultimately, then, the propulsion system – as the heart of the boat – must also be safe and powerful at all times.

Performance is a key indicator of the suitability of a propulsion system in any vessel, but at Volvo Penta, we regard this not only in terms of the top speed and acceleration of the engine, but in the ability of the whole package to meet – or exceed – the demands of the job. For us, performance is also about responsiveness, precision control, maneuverability, and reliability.

Creating systems dedicated to marine applications is the pinnacle of our existence, and we are the only company that can provide a complete propulsion package to shipyards and boat owners, from helm to prop. The installation of a system is a process of co-operation from the start, when our engineers and naval architects collaborate to create and deliver a package that offers the precise performance that the customer has requested. We provide tailored, integrated solutions, for specific requirements.

Moreover, our service does not stop when the propulsion system is installed; we provide training in how to use our products, and how to carry out standard maintenance – a vital aspect during operations on the ocean when far away from land-based technicians. To offer reassurance for more in-depth servicing, customers can get assistance from our global dealer network, 24/7.

Increasing international requirements for safety at sea naturally leads to a regular reassessment of how best to meet these needs, and with this in mind, Volvo Penta continually researches new methods of operation. We have entered into further sectors within the high-speed market with our acquisition of premium outboard technology manufacturer, Seven Marine, and are developing new interfaces to enable vessels to be operate unmanned into hazardous areas. At Volvo Penta, we support, protect and save lives.

We look forward to meeting delegates at the High Speed Boat Operations Forum and discussing Volvo Penta’s solutions for the commercial high-speed boat market.

Johan Inden
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Volvo Penta