Ensuring optimal mining engine performance and energy efficiency

A mine is a demanding, complex work environment, for both personnel and machinery. By ensuring optimal mining engine performance, mining ventilation, and energy efficiency, companies can maintain maximum uptime and workplace safety at the same time. Here’s how to do it.

Aftertreatment systems reduce mining ventilation needs and energy consumption
Ventilation is a major challenge in any mining environment. Ideally, it should be kept low in order to reduce energy consumption for the end customer. Fuel-efficient mining engines with low emissions help keep ventilation low. New emission standards create better conditions in terms of both lower ventilation and an improved work environment in the mine. This, combined with hybridization, gives end customers the opportunity to reduce their ventilation, and thus their costs as well.

Exhaust aftertreatment systems significantly reduce the amounts of nitrogen oxides and other hazardous particles in engine emissions. This means that less ventilation is required, which in turn reduces energy consumption for the end customer.