Flexible aftermarket solutions that ensure parts availability and quality for the mining industry

Robust, high-performing mining engines are key to uptime, and to successful mining operations at large. However, your engine is – essentially – only as good as your aftermarket. Flexible aftermarket solutions that ensure parts availability and quality for the mining industry provide that critical support when you need it. So, what do these aftermarket solutions for the mining industry look like? How do you make them work in practice?

Global dealer and parts distribution networks that match mining companies’ geographical coverage
Mining is an industry that spans the globe, with operations in remote areas being the norm rather than the exception. This puts parts availability and quality to the test. Long delivery times and uptime uncertainty are not economically viable, neither for OEMs nor operators.

When OEMs are able to turn to a global dealer network, they can quickly get the support and the parts they need for their mining engines. Manufacturers of mining engines and other essential components need to match their customers’ geographical coverage. For many mining companies, that coverage is global. Consequently, their suppliers must be able to support them wherever they are, to ensure reliable service and uptime.

Volvo Penta’s global dealer network and parts distribution network are the foundation of our aftermarket model. These networks offer technical expertise and support for companies all over the world, and guarantee a global availability of Genuine Volvo Penta Parts.

Building flexible aftermarket solutions for the mining industry
Mining operations are complex by definition, so having a one-size-fits-all aftermarket offer will not work in practice. Instead, flexibility must be a guiding principle. Customers need to know that their aftermarket solutions providers understand their business operations, and deliver accordingly. Therefore, strong partnerships are essential when building successful, flexible aftermarket solutions for the mining industry.

For these reasons, flexibility and partnership are central principles in Volvo Penta’s aftermarket model. Knowing our customers’ needs and strategies allows us to tailor aftermarket solutions for – and together with – them. Geographical coverage and technical competencies are two key factors that help determine which aftermarket solutions work best for a particular mining operation. By working together, we can find the most suitable arrangement, and continue to develop it over time.

Flexible aftermarket

Aftermarket solutions adapted to OEMs’ requirements
Many mining companies use our global dealer network for their engine service and maintenance; others prefer to buy their mining engines and Genuine Volvo Penta Parts from us, and handle service themselves. The most common arrangement, however, is a combination of both options: OEMs usually doing some of the service and maintenance work, but involving our dealer network in more technically complicated matters.

As mentioned above, geographical coverage is another important aspect to consider from an aftermarket point-of-view. Mining companies can have major service organizations in some countries, but not others. As such, many of these companies use Volvo Penta’s global dealer network in countries where they lack a service organization of their own.

If a customer so chooses, Volvo Penta can educate their service personnel about our mining engines. This makes it easier for them to perform basic maintenance, maintain and improve uptime, and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Improving uptime in mining operations through aftermarket collaboration
Volvo Penta’s aftermarket offer has developed over time, along with our customers’ needs and preferences. That is our goal: to grow and evolve as OEMs’ aftermarket businesses do the same. This way, we can continue to provide state-of-the-art aftermarket solutions that ensure parts availability and quality for the mining industry, even as the industry changes.

Naturally, we continue to develop our mining engines too, to enhance their capabilities even further. A significant part of this is about predictive maintenance, thus making your maintenance less unpredictable, costly and time-consuming. The best way to acquire this knowledge is to work closely together with OEMs. The closer the collaboration, the more it will benefit all parties – including end users (usually machine operators in the mines). The result is an aftermarket chain that works for all, facilitates service and maintenance, reduces TCO and improves uptime.

Want to know more about what our aftermarket model can do for your company? Do not hesitate to contact For more on Volvo Penta’s solutions for the mining industry, make sure you read the two other articles in this series as well: Ensuring optimal mining engine performance and energy efficiency and How mining companies can reduce TCO and improve uptime.