Assisted Docking in Top Boating Products of the year

Volvo Penta’s Assisted Docking technology has been honored among the top products of the year by Boating Industry magazine. The top 50 boating products appeared in the May issue of the monthly boating trade publication. They were chosen by the editors from hundreds of nominations, based on their impact on the industry, innovation, and how they advanced their category.

Assisted Docking

Volvo Penta’s Assisted Docking technology addresses one of the most challenging aspects of boating - the docking process. It is the industry’s first fully integrated Assisted Docking system that gives the captain better control when docking a boat by automating his or her intentions, compensating for some dynamic variables, such as wind and current, and helping the vessel stay on its intended course.

Assisted Docking is a hybrid between automated docking and manual docking or semi-automated boat maneuvering. It integrates GPS, sensor steering, and transmission engine control data to ease the docking process and make it more predictable as docking can be one of the most stressful and challenging parts of boating. The Assisted Docking system automates the drivers’ intentions, compensates for wind and current, and gives the driver more control taking the stress out of docking. 

“When you own a beautiful vessel, you want to attract attention for the right reasons, not because of the challenges that can occur when trying to dock a boat,” said Martin Bjuve, president of Volvo Penta of the Americas. “With advancements like Assisted Docking and Silent Shift, Volvo Penta takes away the pressure of this often-stressful maneuver and makes any captain shine – regardless of their level of experience.”

The Assisted Docking system integrates a software layer developed in-house with the company’s GPS-based Dynamic Positioning System and proprietary Inboard Performance System (IPS) for a complete package. This includes a human-machine interface at the helm; electronics via the engine; propulsion systems and sensors; and advanced navigation processing power for an easy boating experience, even in rough conditions. The boat docking system takes into account certain external forces, such as wind and current- and the Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system, upgraded with in-house developed software, compensates to ensure the boat follows the captain’s intentions. 

Adam Quandt, managing editor of Boating Industry commented: “With Boating Industry’s Top Products program, we are always looking for products that are not only bringing the industry into the future but also making boating an easier and more enjoyable experience for the consumer. Volvo Penta’s new Assisted Docking technology does just that and so much more, making it an easy choice for Top Products recognition. With the help of Volvo Penta, boating continues to become easier and easier for anyone and allows for a better, stress-free experience out on the water, every single time.” 

Assisted Docking

The top accolade from Boating Industry magazine comes after Volvo Penta’s Assisted Docking system was also recognized as a finalist by Engadget at the virtual 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 in the “Transportation” and “Unexpected Product” categories.

President of Volvo Penta Marine Sales, Johan Inden commented: “This latest recognition for our Assisted Docking system reinforces Volvo Penta’s role as a marine industry leader in technical innovation. We’ve always worked towards making docking a boat – one of the most challenging and stressful aspects of boating – as easy as possible and boating, in general, a more accessible activity. With Assisted Docking, I think we’ve accomplished that.” 

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