Partnership is the new leadership

At the end of 2021, Volvo Penta signed a new and exciting partnership agreement with Danfoss’ Editron division. Through this agreement, we aim to work together to boost electrification in the marine sector. Here, I share my reflections on why we decided to partner and how our two companies’ shared mindset will take electrification at sea to the next level.

When it comes to electrification technology, Volvo Penta has been on a journey of continuous step-by-step evolution. We benefit hugely from being part of the Volvo Group but also from having superior application and business knowledge within Volvo Penta. As a company, we are a trusted provider of many types of installations. To continue to deliver products and solutions that meet our customers’ needs – for both today and tomorrow – we are aiming to take our business through a transformation. This is a massive endeavor, but it is also extremely exciting. Right now, we are just on the cusp, and it feels like we have endless opportunities to make a real difference. I must say I enjoy every second of this journey!

The need for speed – and change!
There are so many driving forces in consideration of the need for technological transformation. I believe one of the most important drivers is the urgent need for sustainable power solutions across our industry. It is undeniable that we are close to an irreversible situation when it comes to the effects of climate change. The need for action to mitigate and prevent further damage to our planet is urgent. Our industry has a long journey ahead and there is absolutely no time to waste. Electrification is just one of the areas we are focusing on in our technological transformation. But you simply cannot transform an industry on your own. Especially when there are such high stakes. We need to partner up and collaborate, and when the best players team up with a common goal, it is possible to make a significant impact quickly.

Making things easy for the customer
Today in marine commercial electromobility, the available offerings are often piecemeal and bespoke for respective one-off projects. To enable transformation into electromobility, fully integrated solutions are really needed to both maximize the merits and manage the shortcomings of this emerging technology. With our partnership with Danfoss, we will be able to offer fully integrated solutions for our customers, from helm to prop, and to support the solutions out in the market by delivering a fully integrated system and having a very extensive network together.

Why Danfoss’ Editron division?
We have partnered with Danfoss’ Editron mainly to develop certain E-mob solutions for the marine commercial sector. We already have tangible proof points of success from teaming up several world-first projects in the marine sector. These examples demonstrate that, together, we are true system integrators.

Both companies are strong players in our respective fields. At Volvo Penta, we have an integrated helm to prop, full systems approach, combined with a strong service network. By adding Danfoss’ expertise and strength in electrification – superior electric motors, inverters, etc., we will deliver a unique complete offering that is best in class. Our cooperation so far has been excellent, and I cannot wait to bring new joint projects, challenges, and opportunities to the table.

Better together
We often say in the Volvo Group that “partnership is the new leadership”, and we truly live by this statement! We have achieved a wide array of successful collaborations, both at Volvo Group and at Volvo Penta. I envisage this effective way of working to continue. The transformation into sustainable power solutions – where electromobility is an important facet – is too large to manage independently. And it is also so much more fun working in collaboration. Working with the best in the industry, you learn a lot and can do a lot for your customers, both now and in the long term.

Finally, I must share my great appreciation to have had the opportunity to work with Danfoss Editron and then especially Kimmo Rauma and Erno Tenhunen on this. It has been a true pleasure. They are both highly competent innovators with their hearts in the right place!