Volvo Penta and sustainability

Turning words into action

Sustainability is not only about reducing our climate footprint. It’s bigger than that. It’s also about how we handle valuable resources and how we treat each other as people. But most importantly, it’s about actions, not words. Actions that make a real difference for our customers, our partners and suppliers, our employees and society at large as we work together towards a better future on land and at sea.

Volvo Penta Sustainability

Our Vision

To Become the World Leader in Sustainable Power Solutions

Environmental Leadership

At Volvo Penta, we strive to make engine performance and reduced environmental impact go hand in hand. When developing new products, it’s a top priority to continuously reduce the engine emissions and fuel consumption as well as finding new innovations to reduce potential risks for safety related incidents. However, our commitment extends beyond our products and services. We constantly evaluate our business’ impact throughout the entire value chain – from economic, social and environmental points of view. We closely monitor the footprint of our suppliers and dealers, making sure they live up to the same high standards. By thoroughly embracing this mindset we can stay competitive, provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology and move toward a sustainable future at the same time.

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With Your Eyes on the Future

As diesel engines evolve, emissions levels drop. In the EU, US and Japan, emissions have reduced between 75% and 95% over the past 20 years. With requirements being applied more widely, other countries aren't too far behind. At Volvo Penta, we welcome tougher legislation. Complying with current emissions regulations and legislation is imperative, but through constant work with new technologies and our renown innovations, we strive to stay one step ahead – prepared for the requirements of the future.

Certified Production Plants

Environmental requirements for Volvo Group production facilities are followed at all Volvo Penta production facilities. We look at each part of our process in turn, and make the necessary changes to lower our impact. By switching the energy sources for our heating and electricity, for example, we dramatically reduce the climate impact from our factories. Today, some of our factories and buildings meet our most stringent internal standard and have nearly zero CO2 emissions for their operations. Our production plant in Vara became one of the first ISO 14001 certified factories in Sweden, today all our operation are ISO 14001 certified and our plant in Lexington (USA) is also ISO 18001 certified.

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