Stage V Emission Technology

Stage V Emission Technology

Optimized for your operation

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A perfectly synced system

Volvo Penta’s Stage V solution and engines have been developed to work perfectly in tough industrial applications, to deliver maximum power and torque at low rpm. The unique design of engine and exhaust aftertreatment system as one perfectly synced system delivers optimized uptime, performance and fuel efficiency. A dependable power package that is easy to install, operate and maintain.

Built for tough conditions

Experience in tough applications, such as mining, material handling and construction has taught Volvo Penta what matters in the field – in all climates and temperatures, dry or wet. From off-road applications in dense forests to the power needs in the depths of dusty mines, the Volvo Penta Stage V solution supplies impressive and reliable power, making life easy for every cog in the business chain.

User-centric development

Volvo Penta’s Stage V engine range has been optimized for a wide variety of applications. Extensive, customer-focused product development has resulted in a versatile, reliable engine range that provides minimal regeneration, reductions in fuel consumption, and increased load acceptance. Learn more about what has influenced the development in this film.

The stage V story

The Stage V aftertreatment solution is based on the Volvo Penta Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) solution, uncooled EGR and diesel particulate filter. In this film, the story behind the technology innovations, the design philosophy behind the emissions friendly solution that our engines comply with, is explained.

Meeting tomorrow’s needs

As of today, Stage V is the strictest emission standard for off-road and power generation engines. Working for many years with aftertreatment systems for a wide array of applications, Volvo Penta has proven experience in adapting and meeting emission regulations, meaning that you always can rely on Volvo Penta to offer a competitive solution – whatever the future brings.

End user/operator benefits

Low operational cost

The common rail injection system, fixed geometry turbo and viscous fan constitutes a robust solution with low fuel consumption, which translates into lower operational costs. The common rail also reduces noise, which contributes to a more comfortable work environment.

Optimized performance

The Volvo Penta Stage V engines are carefully designed to be able to deliver maximum power and torque at low rpm. This results in optimized performance as well as a smooth operation as well as low noise and world-class fuel efficiency. Additionally, the Volvo Penta Global Service Network helps ensure that your business is running at full capacity.

No unplanned stops

The regeneration strategy chosen for Stage V ensures uninterrupted power supply. Passive regeneration of the aftertreatment system eliminates unplanned stops during operation. Continuous testing show that there will be no need for regeneration under normal operational conditions. The exhaust temperature is automatically maintained at an optimum level.

OEM benefits

Comprehensive support

Volvo Penta’s Global Dealer Network paired with our Parts Distribution Network will always be ready to assist you and help you keep your Stage V engine powered operation running at peak capacity. Additionally, our breakdown support service, the Volvo Penta Action Service is available 24/7.

A single-supplier solution

Engine and exhaust aftertreatment systems are designed as one integral system, built especially for optimized performance under Stage V standards. It is a single-supplier solution – from piston to exhaust.

Ease of installation

The high-power density and flexible configuration options offer efficient space utilization and ease of installation. The engine commonality makes it easier for OEMs who use multiple engine sizes in their applications.

A Complete Offer

A system in harmony

Our highly advanced exhaust aftertreatment system – based on SCR technology, uncooled EGR and diesel particulate filter – allows for a low-complexity engine. The robust engine further contributes to maximum uptime.

Tested to deliver

All of our engines are always extensively tested under heavy-duty, tough operational conditions for verification of performance, uptime, fuel efficiency and compliance with Stage V standards.

Built on experience

The Stage V solution is built using both insights as well as proven experience. We have listened to our customers to understand their future needs and leveraged the experience from across the entire Volvo Group.

Easily integrated solutions

The Stage V range ensures installation commonality between different emission levels, from Stage II to Stage V, which is hugely beneficial for OEMs. Thanks to the compatibility with earlier emission legislations, customers can integrate solutions from across emission stages minimizing the need for re-engineering.

Towards sustainability

Environmental care is one of Volvo Penta’s core values and we work actively to develop resource efficient products with low environmental impact. However, sustainability means more than just emission levels. It is just as much about fuel economy, ease of installations and the total cost of ownership – all the parts that lower the environmental impact of your chosen power solution. Field testing to ensure durability, reliability and suitability for the application in the environment where they are to be used, is conducted and the latest advances in technology are employed to ensure that the engines meet emission legislation.

Read more about Volvo Penta’s sustainability initiatives >

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