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Forestry engines carrying the weight

The demanding environments and specific needs of forestry operations are perfectly met by the Volvo Penta off-road diesel engines. No matter if you employ a harvester, a buncher or a dozer, Volvo Penta can always supply reliable power solutions. With more than 100 years of engineering experience, you can trust our forestry engines to supply your operation with sustainable solutions that excel in fuel and energy efficiency, maximising your uptime and productivity.

Designed for demanding jobs

Engine response and fuel consumption are two of the main keys to an efficient and productive forestry operation. Volvo Penta’s industrial engines will help keep operations running at full capacity, keeping a consistent rpm, even during heavy-duty tasks. The low fuel consumption and reliable power output will help maximise uptime and productivity.

Longer operational time

Engines used for forestry applications and machinery have extended service intervals of up to 1,000 hours which translates into increased productivity through longer operational time. It’s also easy to plan for preventive maintenance – and thanks to our global distribution network, quick spare parts delivery will further minimise unwanted stops. And should they happen, in remote locations, Volvo Penta Action Service is always available for emergency assistance.

One platform – one system

All Volvo Penta industrial engines are based on the same engine platform. This equals a number of benefits – for both operators and OEMs. As all engines share a number of vital characteristics such as service points and interface, installation is easy and any service or maintenance will differ very little from engine to engine, leading to improved efficiency. The engine’s functionality and the easy serviceability can be further improved through optional equipment such as remote dipsticks or oil fills, cooling systems and multiple PTO's.

Mighty Jobs: Forestry Success in Sweden

Swedish forestry company Nitta Rundvirke uses a Volvo Penta D8 engine to power their 580E harvester, helping it to unparalleled levels of intense efficiency. In Volvo Penta’s Mighty Jobs series, you can experience how our powerful industry engines help power some of the world’s most exciting operations. Explore our Mighty Jobs episodes.

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Volvo Penta Mighty Jobs
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Forestry engines for engine efficiency and low fuel consumption

Swedish Harvest operator Franz Spetz relies on his Volvo Penta engine every day on the job. Listen to his thoughts on what it adds to his forestry operation.

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A Selection of our Forestry Engines

Volvo Penta D5 Off-road Engine
D5 - EU Stage V
  • 143–238 
  • 105–175 
  • 5.13 
Volvo Penta D8 Off-road Engine
D8 - EU Stage V
  • 218–340 
  • 160–250 
  • 7.7 
Volvo Penta D11 Off-road Engine
D11 - EU Stage V
  • 320–428 
  • 235–315 
  • 10.84 
Volvo Penta D13 Off-road Engine
D13 - EU Stage V
  • 388–551 
  • 285–405 
  • 12.78 
D16 - EU Stage V/EPA Tier 4f
  • 796 
  • 585 
  • 16.12 

Stage V diesel engines for the forestry industry

For the forestry industry, Volvo Penta’s Stage V engines will deliver a wide range of benefits. Apart from the proven efficiency and durability, the Stage V engines boast both lower fuel consumption as well as increased productivity.

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