Power Generation Engine RangeD8 - EU Stage IIIA/EPA Tier 3


Volvo Penta’s D8 power generation engine is an in-line 6 cylinder, 7.7-liter genset diesel engine. Built with power, reliability, and fuel efficiency at its core.

- Compact design for the power class
- Built on Volvo Group technology
- Low cost of ownership and operation
- High power to weight ratio
- Dual speed


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Download the brochure or contact us.

Detailed Segment Industrial Genset
Displacement litres 7.7
Displacement cui 470
Number of Cylinders 6
Prime 50hz Crankshaft Power kWm 220 248 248
Prime 50hz Electrical Power kVA 253 289 291
Prime 50hz Electrical Power kWe 202 231 233
Standby 50hz Crankshaft Power kWm 242 273 273
Standby 50hz Electrical Power kVA 278 317 321
Standby 50hz Electrical Power kWe 223 254 257
Prime 60hz Crankshaft Power kWm 225 247 266
Prime 60hz Electrical Power kVA 259 287 313
Prime 60hz Electrical Power kWe 207 230 250
Standby 60hz Crankshaft Power kWm 248 272 293
Standby 60hz Electrical Power kVA 285 316 344
Standby 60hz Electrical Power kWe 228 253 275
Rating Stand-By Power, Prime Power Stand-By Power, Prime Power Stand-By Power, Prime Power
Emission Levels EU Stage IIIA/EPA Tier 3
Emission Compliance EPA Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA
Control System Open CAN Interface Open CAN Interface Open CAN Interface
High-pressure fuel injection Common-rail fuel injection Common-rail fuel injection Common-rail fuel injection
Cooling System Radiator Cooling Radiator Cooling Radiator Cooling
8 liter series

Key features and benefits for D8

Robust D8 power generation engine

The robust and reliable D8 power generation engine from Volvo Penta is designed for easy, fast, and economical installation. A well-balanced D8 power generation engine for a smooth and vibration-free operation with low noise.

Durability & Service life

By being equipped with piston cooling, the D8 power generation engine maintains a controlled working temperature in cylinders and combustion chambers. The replaceable cylinder liners and valve seats/guides ensure supreme durability and service life.

Excellent combustion

The D8 power generation engine is fuel-efficient and has excellent combustion thanks to the high-tech injection and charging system with low internal losses. The D8 complies with Stage IIIA and EPA Tier 3 exhaust emission regulations.

Simple service

In tight compartments, it's particularly valuable that the D8 power generation engines' service and maintenance points are easily accessible.