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Running a prime power genset operation places high demands on your engine’s reliability. When downtime isn’t an option, your operation needs to be able to rely on its core power source. Volvo Penta offers robust engines you can trust to keep running, under demanding conditions, with unmatched load acceptance that fulfils the highest requirement standards, low fuel consumption and simple installations and service as their hallmarks.

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A Powerful Partnership

Our comprehensive solutions are always built around your business and its needs. As an independent supplier, we strive to build partnerships that benefit every part of your operation, supporting you all the way, throughout the lifetime of the machines or engines.

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Performance and Uptime

For power generation set-ups, continuous uptime can mean the difference between life and death. Our engines are designed with reliability and dependability at their core, safeguarding the needs of your operation.

Performance and Uptime
Emission Technology

Volvo Penta’s work with sustainability is a continuous endeavour that, among many things, mean that we offer engines that comply with every regional demand, from Stage/Tier II to Stage V.

Emission Technology
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