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A standby engine is a safeguard. It’s there to relieve pressure, to keep things in motion when everything else fails. Thus, it can be one the most important investments you’re ever going to make. Volvo Penta standby engines will provide you with reliability and peace of mind, allowing you to focus fully on other parts of your business.

Unmatched load acceptance

With Volvo Penta standby engines, you have access to the full power output the second the machine start. In an emergency situation, the rigorously tried and tested Volvo Penta engines excel in their ability to immediately start and instantly deliver the sufficient load acceptance, fulfilling the G3 demands on all power nodes according to ISO8528-5.

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Proven Reliability

Volvo Penta’s engines have been meticulously tested, under the harshest of conditions, to ensure their dependability, no matter the demands. The robust design facilitates installation and maintenance, further increasing your peace of mind. All our power generation engines have been produced using the highest quality standards, ensuring stable, trusted power for when it really counts.

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A Powerful Partnership

Our comprehensive solutions are always built around your business and its needs. As an independent supplier, we strive to build partnerships that benefit every part of your operation, supporting you all the way, throughout the lifetime of the machines or engines.

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Performance and Uptime

For power generation set-ups, continuous uptime can mean the difference between life and death. Our engines are designed with reliability and dependability at their core, safeguarding the needs of your operation.

Performance and Uptime
Emission Technology

Volvo Penta’s work with sustainability is a continuous endeavour that, among many things, mean that we offer engines that comply with every regional demand, from Stage/Tier II to Stage V.

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