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Sailboat Engines and Solutions

The very best sailing experience consists of the wind in your hair and the sun in your eyes. A Volvo Penta sailboat engine onboard, ensures that you can savor the memorable moments and keep your mind on what’s most important. Our engines are quiet and efficient and deliver reliable power – with a minimum of vibrations – where and when it’s needed the most.

Inboard Shaft
Inboard Shaft
Folding Propellers

Volvo Penta’s patented 2-, 3- and 4-blade folding propellers give you low drag while sailing, but all the thrust of a fixed propeller – both forward and reverse. The range covers engine outputs from 5 to 120 hp.

Folding propellers
Repowering Kits for Sailboats

Even when sailing, there will be times when you’re dependent on your auxiliary engine’s reliability and continuous performance. If your engine has lost some of its former power overtime, a solution to bringing new life back into the vessel is to repower with a new engine. For D1 and D2 engines, Volvo Penta has developed repowering kits to ensure a seamless and cost-effective replacement regardless of which engine brand you use today. The repowering kits are available for both shaft and saildrive installations.


Acessories for Sailors and Crew


Our sailboat control with ergonomic design and solid feel is designed as much for safe, reliable handling as for controlling the engine. Its shape and compact measurements minimize the risk of rope entanglement.

Extra Alternators

Today’s boats are equipped with more and more electrically powered accessories for both comfort and safety. This is where extra, reliable alternators come in – to sufficiently charge both engine and any extra equipment. The Volvo Penta alternators are adapted to the capacity of each engine to ensure efficient charging regardless of engine speed.

EVC for D3 and D4 Engines

For D3 and D4 engines, the EVC (Electronic Vessel Control) system will enable you to add beneficial features and functions such as Cruise Control or The Glass Cockpit System – a control and monitoring system that gathers all driver information and displays it on one or more high-tech displays.

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