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Volvo Penta Marine Accessories

With Volvo Penta, you’ll always to be able to add that little extra to improve your boating experience and make it even more enjoyable. With our accessory range it's easier than ever to customize your boats maneuverability, comfort and safety – all to improve your boating experience.

To find out if an EVC integrated accessory is compatible with your propulsion system, please refer to the compatibility list.

Compatibility List

Driver Interface

Stay in complete control, not only over your speed and course over the waters, but over your engine’s overall status, with ergonomically designed steering wheels and controls and intuitive monitors.

Driver Interface


With Volvo Penta engine monitoring displays, you get all the information you need in one place with direct access to all essential engine and boat data. For example, with the state-of-the-art Glass Cockpit you get a full overview of navigation and engine data, together with Easy Boating functions such as Autopilot and Joystick driving.


With Volvo Penta instruments you get highly accurate readings and reliability. Furthermore, they are easy to read day and night, thanks to double glazing and sophisticated lighting.


The line-up of Volvo Penta controls features something for every taste – for EVC as well as for mechanical systems. They are specially designed to offer ergonomic comfort and easy control – with dedicated buttons for EVC options and functions.

Sailboat Control

The Volvo Penta mechanical sailboat control is specifically designed with sailing in mind. It is tough and robust – simply a perfect match for the harsh marine environment your boat thrives in.

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Steering Wheels

The selection of ergonomically designed and robust steering wheels for cabin and flybridge is perfectly matched to Volvo Penta’s range of controls and displays.

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Trip Computer

Trip computer functionality with information about fuel consumption, distance to empty, trip time and much more.

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Easy Connect

Have your engine, boat and route data displayed directly on your smart device. Easy Connect is our latest addition to your boating experience, both onboard and when planning future trips from home.

Easy Connect


Volvo Penta’s Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system embodies our Easy Boating philosophy. With the system, you’ll be able to add unique control and maneuvering functions and features that will make your boating experience even better.


Cruise Control

With fingertip control of your engine rpm, you can fine-tune your boat’s speed for best possible fuel economy and comfort.

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Sportfish Mode

Makes it possible for you to rapidly turn your boat around its own axis – and follow the fish at high speed in reverse, using only the engine controls.

Sportfish Mode
Tow Mode for Water Sport

Limits your boat’s speed to your preset maximum rpm. Maintains the set speed and compensates for any changes in load, for maximum water sport fun.

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EVC-integrated, locks automatically to steering-wheel course changes (shadow drive).

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Single-lever Mode

Operate twin, triple or quad engines with only one lever. Gives you easy control over speed, even in rough seas.

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Low-speed Mode

Reduces boat speed when idling by 50% from 5–6 knots to 2–3 knots. Integrated into the control. Perfect when you’re driving in marinas and canals.

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Dynamic Positioning System

Lets you hold and keep your boat’s position and heading within a very limited area. Perfect when you’re preparing for docking or waiting for refueling.

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Joystick Driving

A smart, new solution for intuitive driving – push and rotate the joystick for precise steering at all speeds.

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Joystick Docking

The essence of easy boating: fingertip handling with perfect precision makes docking and close-quarter maneuvering simple, even fun.

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Boat dynamics

The interceptor technology offers a smooth and precise auto mode that automatically takes care of all trim adjustments. Explore our different accessories for interceptor and trim technology.

Boat Dynamics

Interceptor System

The Volvo Penta Interceptor System has its origin in large, commercial vessel applications. Its robust and compact design ensures reliable performance in all conditions.

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Boat Trim System

The intuitive and user-friendly trim system for fast runabouts. It has all the performance qualities of conventional trim tabs – plus the additional benefits of quicker response, less drag and compact design.

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Powertrim Assistant

This Volvo Penta software automatically adjusts your drive trim for the best possible running attitude and low fuel consumption. You also get faster acceleration, higher top speed and better comfort.

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Power Management

The Volvo Penta alternators are adapted to the capacity of each engine to ensure efficient charging. By installing the Battery Control Module, the boat’s entire electrical system will be both more reliable and easier to monitor.

Battery Management

Battery managment is a fully integrated solution for monitoring, managing and maintaining a boat’s batteries, and features the industry’s first e-Key Remote control.

Battery Management System
Extra Alternator

Volvo Penta engines have alternators that are perfectly matched to the torque of the engine to provide extra charging without losing maneuvering power. Upgrading with an extra alternator will give high-capacity charging for 12V and 24V systems.

Accessories catalog (PDF, 13.2MB)

Engines & Drives

Every engine accessory is a part in a system, tested as carefully as the engine, designed and developed to work together for easy mounting to engine and drive, eliminating complicated adaptations.

Fuel Pre-filters

It’s highly recommended to install a fuel pre-filter/water separator between the fuel tank and the engine. This provides additional protection for the fuel system and is vital for a safe and reliable fuel supply. It can also be upgraded with a Water in fuel alarm (WIF).

Fuel Pick-up & Hoses

A fuel pick-up with integrated level sensor and high-quality hoses designed to ensure a reliable and safe fuel system.

Accessories catalog (PDF, 13.2MB)
Active Corrosion Protection IPS

The Active Corrosion Protection helps prevent galvanic corrosion from affecting the metal parts of your drive.

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Cooling System

The cooling system is a very important part of the engine installation. Explore our offer of seawater filters, vacuum valves and freshwater cooling kits.

Accessories catalog (PDF, 13.2MB)
Propeller Shaft Coupling

The Volvo Penta two-piece rigid propeller shaft coupling is designed to make installation much easier and less time consuming. It requires no costly machining and thanks to the two-piece conic design, the coupling is perfectly centred onto the propeller shaft.

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Active Corrosion Protection Aquamatic Sterndrive

The Active Corrosion Protection helps prevent galvanic corrosion from affecting the metal parts of your drive.

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Accessories Catalogue

Explore our wide range of options, features and add-ons in our accessories catalog.

Accessories catalogue (PDF, 13.2MB)
Double Your Parts Warranty

Genuine Volvo Penta Parts and Accessories are covered by our standard 12-month warranty. Have them supplied and installed by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer and we’ll extend your warranty to 24 months – including the labor. Consult your closest dealer for more details.

Parts Warranty
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Your local Volvo Penta dealer will be happy to help you determine the correct parts number and make sure you get the parts or accessories you’re looking for. Your dealer can also provide you with recommendations and expert advice regarding maintenance and care for your Volvo Penta product.

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