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Remanufactured Components

A win for your business and the environment

Volvo Penta Reman parts represents a better solution, for both your business and the environment. Produced by spending a minimum of energy, from worn-out parts that are restored and carefully tested, they are a cost-saving alternative that provides the same quality and performance as a new part, with the same warranty.

Remanufactured components

Minimizing environmental impact, maximizing efficiency

Recycled Volvo Penta remanufactured components are energy efficient – a win for the environment. Through the remanufacturing process, returned and used cores (parts, components and engines) are given a new life as Volvo Penta Reman parts. The industrial process of remanufacturing minimizes the impact on the environment compared to new manufacturing by reusing up to 85% of the core. It also saves up to 80 % of the energy it takes to manufacture a new part.

Same quality – same warranty

In all aspects, the remanufactured parts are technically new, and have the same performance and availability as a new part. They meet the same quality and safety requirements as new parts, but are a cost-efficient alternative, offered with the same warranty conditions as our new Genuine Volvo Penta Parts. And on top of everything, at an attractive price.

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