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Become a Volvo Penta Dealer

End Users all over the world associate Volvo Penta with performance, reliability, long life and environmental care. This reputation has been earned, in part, by Volvo Penta's commitment to customer service excellence through the support of our network of dealers. Our dealers are the cornerstone of customer support and in partnership with Volvo Penta share a commitment to provide a superior level of customer service to today's discriminating customer.

Our programs are built around the high expectations of our customers. Dealers must meet and maintain a minimum standard to provide competent service to Volvo Penta owners. Most importantly, our dealers willingly commit to a partnership with Volvo Penta and embrace a working relationship. This partnership is rewarded by enhanced customer satisfaction and higher profit potential.

Volvo Penta strives to provide our dealers with up-to-date programs and information to keep your business profitable. We offer a variety of programs including Warranty, Parts, Training, Marketing and Communication programs. Dealers that take full advantage of these programs become our most profitable dealers.

Are you ready to start a partnership with Volvo Penta?


The following is only an general overview of what is required; Complete details will be covered later in the application process with a Volvo Penta representative and will vary depending on location, product lines, service need, and any other considerations. 

General Service Guidelines

- Facilities: Must have Brick & Mortar commercial facility w/ separate sales, parts, and service areas. Facility must be maintained in a clean professional manner and open for business during normal business hours. Ample space is required for approved signage & merchandise.

- Communications: Must maintain a business e-mail address, dedicated fax line and high speed internet connection. Maintain telephone coverage during normal business hours.

- Service: Must employ a minimum of one Volvo Penta Certified Technician. The Certified Technician must also complete a technical assessment test, and register & follow recommended training to achieve (and maintain) a Level 3 or higher assessment rating.

- Parts: Must maintain on hand an adequate supply of parts & accessories purchased on an annual basis from VPA. Stock Parts Order based on territory, business segment, and engine registrations.

- Tooling: Initial tools will be reviewed and discussed with a Volvo Penta representative. Dealership will maintain any special tools as required. Must purchase Volvo engine diagnostic tools & software.

- Dealer Subscription: Annual subscription to our dealer portal and technical literature. 

Other Guidelines

- Boat/Yacht Selling Dealer: Confirmed order of at least five (5) Volvo Penta powered boats annually.

- Compact Dealer: Confirmed order of at least three (3) Volvo Penta Compact engines annually.


Volvo Penta, with approximately 4,000 dealers in more than 130 countries, is a global manufacturer of engines for leisure boats and commercial vessels, as well as industrial applications. The engine program includes diesel and gasoline engines with power outputs between 10 and 900 horsepower. Volvo Penta is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and construction equipment.