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Volvo Penta 1940


AB Pentaverken had a hard time during and for a number of years after the war, as all efforts in Volvo went toward car, truck and bus production. However, in 1946 a very important product was introduced: the first inline six-cylinder diesel. Quiet and smooth running with pre-combustion, it immediately attracted a great deal of attention. At the same time, marine engines became more important than ever. And in 1949 a new president was appointed.

1946 – Name Change

In 1946, the rather ungainly Pentaverken name was changed to AB Penta. This year also saw the first diesel engine leave the Skövde factory. The inline engine attracted a great deal of attention for its quiet, smooth operation.

1949 – New Executive Manager

In 1949, Harald Wiklund was appointed President of AB Penta. With a strong flair for business and full of bold ideas, he would lead AB Penta for the next 28 years. A new era began under his leadership. In just five years, turnover increased fivefold. Product development moved ahead in leaps and bounds.

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