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In 1982 AB Volvo Penta became an independent company within the Volvo Group. For the first time, turnover exceeded one billion Swedish kronor and in 1981 sales rose by 16 percent. The success of the industrial engines continued and accounted for one-third of the turnover at the start of the 80s. A new production plant was opened in Gothenburg, the main office area in Gothenburg was re-equipped and extended, new testing chambers added. During this period, new facilities were built at the Krossholmen Test Center, EDP developed constantly and a new organization was established to make Volvo Penta increasingly efficient.

1983 – The Duoprop

In 1983 the Duoprop was introduced, marking a significant step forward for the Aquamatic concept. Two counter-rotating propellers on the same drive gave greater efficiency and better handling characteristics compared with single propellers. The Duoprop concept resulted in a much-improved grip in the water, giving better acceleration and unrivaled handling. Both at low and high speeds, a boat equipped with Duoprop is easy to maneuver.
In order to showcase the advantages of the Duoprop, a race was set up between two identical boats – one with a single prop and one equipped with a Duoprop. The race can be seen in this film, aptly named "The Duel".

1987 – The GenPac

1987 was a big year for the Industry Division, and not only because of the new 16-liter diesel TID162. The GenPac concept, with the pre-assembled engine mounted on a flexible steel frame, which is also the transport frame, simplified the work of final assembly for generator set builders. The collaboration with the French company Leroy-Somer resulted in the Genset Kit assembly package, in which the generator is also delivered as a component adapted for final assembly by the customer.

1980s – The 2000 Series

In the 1980s Volvo Penta launched the 2000 series. A compact 9 to 43 hp engine range for sailboats and smaller displacement boats. In keeping with the aesthetics of the time, this film displays the engines’ many benefits such as durability, ease of service and reliability for motorboaters and sailors alike.

1980s – V8-powered Duoprop

The 80s also saw the introduction of the first gasoline V8 engine with a duoprop. In this video we’re treated to an introduction as well as a dramatic race between a boat equipped with a single prop and a duoprop – all marketed by confidently “welcoming you to the future”. The result of the race might not be very surprising; the performance, however, remains impressive to this very day.

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