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Positive development has continued on all fronts for Volvo Penta in this decade. In the marine sectors, IPS and EVC continue driving business together with the development of fuel-efficient propulsion, engine solutions and a new range of controls. Our industry offer has expanded with powerful engines for mobile applications – featuring SCR catalytic reduction.

Harmonizing emissions reduction with fuel efficiency and performance is one essential part of Volvo Penta’s ambition as we head toward new demands and more sustainable solutions in the future.

2010 – SCR Catalytic Emissions Reduction

In 2010, Volvo Penta presents an extensive range of off-road diesel engines compliant with the upcoming 2011 emissions standards. The range uses SCR-technology combining increased power with fuel consumption improved by 5-10% compared to today’s engines. SCR converts exhaust NOx into nitrogen gas and water vapor, before releasing them harmlessly through a catalytic converter. The system does this by automatically adding up to 5% AdBlue® to the exhaust gases and then passing the mixture through a catalytic converter.

2013 – Glass cockpit system

Introduction of Volvo Penta’s unique Glass Cockpit System, an all-integrated control and monitoring system that provides fingertip access to all driver information on high-tech displays. Everything handy on a single interface: IPS (Inboard Performance System), warnings, alarms, engine data, navigation, Electronic Vessel Control, Dynamic Positioning System, etc.

2015 – Forward drive

The 2015 Miami International Boat Show showcased the launch of the innovative Volvo Penta Forward Drive (FWD) system, featuring forward-facing counter-rotating props. Mounted at the stern, the all-new propulsion system pulls the boat through the water rather than pushing, which ensures superior fuel economy, performance and maneuverability as well as safer wakesurfing and wake boarding.

2016 – E-key remote

With the e-Key Remote, a feature of Volvo Penta’s Battery Management Solution, unlocking and starting a boat is now a lot like starting a car. The boat’s whole driveline can be controlled with just one key, which can be used remotely.

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