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Volvo Penta powers 24 ferries in Vietnamese tourism expansion

Vinpearl has selected Volvo Penta engines to transport tourists on 24 ferries to its new idyllic island resorts in Vietnam.


Vinpearl has selected Volvo Penta engines to transport tourists on 24 ferries to its new idyllic island resorts in Vietnam.

The blossoming tourism industry in Vietnam has contributed significantly to the country’s recent economic growth, and Volvo Penta is playing its part in getting holidaymakers to their island paradises. Vinpearl, a subsidiary of conglomerate Vingroup, is using Volvo Penta D13 MH and D7C TA engines to power 24 ferries to Vietnamese holiday resorts Ha Long Bay and Nha Trang.

The visitors will be transported to beautiful idylls, surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal blue sea, by 24 private ferries, though not all of these are yet in operation. At 17.5m long and weighing 18 tons, the ferries can comfortably carry up to 60 passengers per vessel. They will be operating for 18 hours each day at 30-60 minute intervals, from 6am to midnight. Each trip is no longer than 1-2 nautical miles, shuttling passengers to their destination in just a matter of minutes.

Of the 24 ferries, four of these will be powered by Volvo Penta D7C TA twin engines, operating at an engine speed of 2,300rpm and cruising at a pleasant speed of 19 knots. The further 20 ferries will be powered by Volvo Penta’s even more formidable D13 MH twin engines, operating at an engine speed of 1,900rpm and reaching speeds of up to 26 knots.

Vinpearl is putting the vessels into operation in phases. So far, four boats are in action, with a further six to follow by the end of 2016. Vinpearl will launch an additional 14 vessels into operation in 2017.

Building relationships that last
Volvo Penta’s association with Vinpearl began in 2011, when the group imported two motor yachts, one of which was powered by a Volvo Penta twin D6-370A/DPH engine. Volvo Penta’s dealer in Vietnam, Dumarest, offered Vinpearl continuous support with regard to aftermarket activities, formulating a good and lasting relationship with the holiday operator. So good was the relationship and performance of the Volvo Penta offering, in fact, that in 2015 Vinpearl purchased a further two Volvo D6-370A engines to repower the motor yacht that had originally been powered by a non-Volvo Penta branded engine.

Volvo Penta’s longstanding Vietnamese dealer Dumarest’s relationship with Vinpearl has been key in securing further sales. “Volvo Penta engines are reliable and perform excellently. And when coupled with the good aftermarket support we have received from Dumarest, their engines are our preferred choice,” says Phan Thanh Hai, Vinpearl’s chief of technical and ship management.

Dumarest has partnered with Volvo Penta since the 1990s, most notably supplying and supporting marine engines to the Vietnam Coastguard.

The ferries are being built by long-term Volvo Penta customer, Song Lo Shipyard in Nha Trang. “We have installed many Volvo Penta engines over the years. They are easy to fit and perform impressively – matching our boat design,” adds Nguyen Van Thanh, director of the Song Lo Shipyard.

To date, this is one of the largest orders Volvo Penta has received from the region for ferries of this size, and proves just how valuable creating good dealer relationships can be.

Volvo Penta will be at stand 18 at the Interferry Conference in Manila from October 15-19.