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New DPS Repositioning function enables boaters to stay in full control of every movement

Volvo Penta is enhancing its Dynamic Positioning System to include Repositioning functionality, meaning boaters will be able to make minor alterations to their vessel’s position with a simple tap of the joystick.

New DPS Repositioning function enables boaters to stay in full control of every movement
Volvo Penta’s DPS now has a Repositioning feature, which helps to maintain position in choppy waters and provides refined movement.

The feature is the latest element of the company’s Dynamic Positioning System (DPS). DPS, launched in 2009, is part of Volvo Penta’s IPS (Inboard Performance System). It automatically maintains the boat’s heading and position, and safely keeps it within a very limited area, even during strong currents or windy conditions – perfect when preparing for docking, waiting to refuel, or for a bridge or lock to open. All features of the DPS are automatic, allowing boaters not to worry about wind or current interfering when changing position.

The new Repositioning feature enables the boat to move three meters with each tap of the joystick. It also allows for heading adjustments on the spot. The function has been enhanced to help maintain position in choppy waters and provides refined movement for activities such as fishing, exploring reefs, or allowing another boat to pass by when in a narrow waterway.

“The Repositioning feature is a technological advancement of the DPS and has been brought about by customers asking for a function that will enhance their ability to control their boat’s heading and position while still in DPS mode,” says Anders Thorin, electronics product planning manager at Volvo Penta. “It’s a good feature when you want to stay in the same place but are faced with waves or currents, or for actions such as preparing to dock and refuel or for a bridge to open. And it’ll be of great benefit too for customers who enjoy fishing or examining reefs, when they want to explore an area in detail.”

Full accuracy of movement

The Repositioning function uses specially developed software in the boat’s Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system to transfer GPS data into commands for steering angles, gear shifts and throttle positions to make minor adjustments of movement. Up to 10 steps can be made while still in DPS mode, with a diagonal move requiring two steps: forward or reverse plus sideways.

“Standing still accurately is almost impossible to do manually, but with the new Repositioning feature, boaters can manage challenging conditions on the water with full accuracy,” says Thorin. “It’s a great tool and good new aspect of our Easy Boating philosophy.”

The Repositioning feature is available now on new boats installed with Volvo Penta IPS and can be retrofitted to most DPS-equipped boats. Contact your local Volvo Penta dealer to learn more about retrofitting the enhanced DPS with Repositioning functionality.

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