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Volvo Penta and Mantsinen improving end customer uptime

Volvo Penta has signed a frame agreement with material handling crane OEM Mantsinen to share aftermarket responsibilities, helping solve issues quicker and boost customer uptime and satisfaction.

Volvo Penta and Mantsinen sign dealer collaboration agreement to improve end customer uptime
Volvo Penta has been the exclusive engine supplier to Finland-headquartered hydraulic material handling crane manufacturer Mantsinen since 2014.

Volvo Penta has been the exclusive engine supplier to Finland-headquartered hydraulic material handling crane manufacturer Mantsinen since 2014, supplying engines in all emission classes from D5 to D16 for the full range of Mantsinen cranes from 50 to 300 tons.

The two companies have a history of trust and cooperation, which are set to strengthen as they enter a new phase of their relationship, pooling resources and expertise for the benefit of the end customer.

With dealers in 55 countries around the globe, Mantsinen faces tough demands on its aftermarket services and its customers have high expectations on uptime. By sharing aftermarket responsibilities with Volvo Penta and its international network of dealers, Mantsinen will be able to get its cranes back on the job sooner.

“The cooperation between Mantsinen and Volvo Penta has always been good; their engines are excellent, and they have a global dealer presence, backed up by a state-of-the-art parts logistics system,” says Jussi Lappi, customer support director at Mantsinen. “But we knew there was a way to take our partnership to the next level, particularly when it comes to the aftermarket.”

Greater geographical coverage, faster response
Local dealer support – combining good communication and concrete support – is essential for a positive end customer experience.

Where there is a Volvo Penta dealer close to the customer, Mantsinen dealers will act as a first-line support for troubleshooting and basic engine maintenance, seeking the help of the local Volvo Penta dealer in solving more complex issues.

Where a Mantsinen dealer is closer to the customer, Volvo Penta will provide – if not already done – specialist training to Mantsinen engineers on the service and repair of Volvo engines.

“Whether serviced by a Volvo Penta dealer or a Mantsinen dealer, the end customer benefits from fast, specialist support, wherever they’re operating,” says Fredrik Larsson, aftermarket business development manager at Volvo Penta. “It’s a win-win situation for Mantsinen, Volvo Penta and both our dealer networks.”

Roll out to more markets
Volvo Penta plans to roll out this aftermarket dealer cooperation concept to more markets in a bid to improve end customer uptime on a large scale. It will not be a one-size-fits-all solution, however. The concept will be tailored to the specific needs of the OEM and the end customer.

“We believe this cooperation concept will add value to the end customer. And it is a perfect fit for Volvo Penta, as we are keen to be recognized not just as a state-of-the-art power system provider, but also for our superior aftermarket capability,” Larsson explains. “Signing an agreement is just the start of the journey, however. It is the commitment from each party that will make it a long-term success,” he concludes.

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