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Volvo Penta expands Dynamic Positioning System

Volvo Penta will now offer its unique Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) across its twin V6 and V8 propulsion packages. With this expansion, DPS is now available in the company’s complete marine leisure offer. The update will roll out across global markets, delivering the widest footprint of this automated feature in the marine industry. With this latest advance in bringing more automation into everyday boating, more boaters can experience closer control and peace of mind on the water.

Volvo Penta demonstrating its Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), available across its twin V6 and V8 propulsion packages.

Enhancing the experience of all boaters

Volvo Penta is on a mission to give boaters unforgettable experiences on the water, enabling complete comfort, ease, and peace of mind. The DPS system, initially launched back in 2009, allows boaters to have total control on the water, at a touch, by automatically keeping the boat’s heading and position despite wind or current. It is easy to activate through the press of a button on the Volvo Penta joystick control, which is integrated into the DPS solution. 

Through DPS, preparing for docking, waiting to refuel, or waiting for a bridge or lock to open becomes safe and straightforward. It is also easy to disengage through the simple press of a button or shift of the control levers. Now, the benefits of DPS will be available on all Volvo Penta boats with electric steering from 20ft to 120ft.

Anders Thorin, Electronics Product Manager at Volvo Penta, comments, “We are proud to champion automated features which aid the boating experience. Through a step-by-step evolution, we’ve been able to continuously help more boaters gain confidence in some of the more stressful aspects. Now, a wide range of boaters from water sports enthusiasts all the way through to superyacht owners can benefit from our DPS feature. This is just one of the many steps we are taking to enable more boaters to enjoy and experience life on the water.”

Unlocking new potential with Dynamic Positioning System

With an inbuilt, state-of-the-art repositioning feature, more control is given to the boater at the simple tap of a button. This feature means that boaters can automatically keep the boat in position and make slight adjustments with ease, even when weather conditions would usually make these kinds of manual operations difficult. This allows boaters to avoid stress and relax, giving them the freedom to plan routes and hold positions, whether they are inshore, offshore, or in the harbor.

Volvo Penta’s DPS feature is enabled for twin, triple, or quadruple solutions across the company’s marine leisure range worldwide. An additional pre-requisite is electric steering. To access DPS, a software update and installation of an antenna are also required.

The antenna houses twin GPS receivers, which allow the system to determine the position of the boat and heading through sophisticated software. This data is then transformed into steering angles, gear shifts, and throttle positions.

Automating products of today – and tomorrow

Volvo Penta’s unique Dynamic Positioning System is a key innovation for today – and tomorrow. That’s why the company continues to invest in its evolution, with the ultimate experience of boaters in mind.

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February 2023

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