North America

Powering the ultimate wood chipper

German OEM Albach makes a wood chipper that can both maneuver easily in forests and travel at 70 km/h on the motorway. It has revolutionized equipment utilization and put Albach in the lead of the market. The result of the collaboration between Albach and Volvo Penta is the latest model Diamant 2000.


A wood chipper? It’s a machine that grabs whole trees, strips the logs clean and chops all branches and waste into material for power generation. This is an extremely power-consuming process that calls for a really high-performance engine. Yet it has to be compact and versatile – it must power the intensive chipping and operate the auxiliary functions as well as the road travel.

Volvo Penta equips the Diamant 2000 with inline 16-liter engines, with a superior size-to-power ratio than the 19-liter V8 previously used. The Volvo Penta engines offering a host of benefits:

• Increased chipping output by 15%
• Reduced fuel consumption by 20%
• Compliance with Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emission standards
• Test run of 1,000 hours’ trouble-free operation
• A single point person for support and advice

"Albach did everything it could with this model to minimize fuel consumption and maximize productivity,” says Miron Thoms at Volvo Penta. “We’re proud to help contribute to such an efficient and innovative machine."