North America

Pile driving with a small impact

PTC is a French manufacturer of hydraulic power packs and pile driving equipment – the kind known as Vibrodrivers, using vertically vibratory hammers. They are used for pile driving at construction sites both on land and off-shore.


On renewing their power pack range to comply with new emission regulations, they needed suitable diesel engines for Stage IV and Stage III emission levels, and chose to go with Volvo Penta.

"We like that Volvo Penta rapidly seeks the best solution to strict emission standards," says Mathieu Jehanno, PTC’s chief technical officer. "It benefits us and helps us keep on top of the market. Their technological expertise along with ours is a good match."

Besides a smaller environmental impact, PTC were able to reduce installation time, thanks to the integrated design and wiring elements of Volvo Penta’s engines.

"Other key factors for us were the worldwide aftermarket network, a reasonable cost for aftertreatment technology, delivery times and ease of integration," says Jehanno.