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New glory for Gloria – fuel consumption cut by 40%

Container handling will never be the same again. Thanks to the collaboration with Volvo Penta and Dana Rexworth experts, OEM Kalmar is able to launch a reachstacker with a new driveline that will truly set new standards in ports all over the world.


A reachstacker is the specially designed truck that moves, stacks, loads and unloads containers in ports. Kalmar’s latest Gloria Reachstacker has a capacity of 45 tons. Not only the load size is awesome – a fast, high-efficient work pace around the clock places great strain on truck, engine and transmission.

Volvo Penta and Kalmar have collaborated with Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems to boost the efficiency of the new Gloria. The result is a totally new drivetrain that can reduce fuel consumption by 40% and noise levels by up to six decibels.

The smarter software and more efficient transmission – a combination of hydrostatic and mechanical drives – mean that engine size can be reduced. Volvo Penta configured a D8 specially to match the Gloria’s needs, instead of using an 11-liter Volvo Penta engine. With a smaller engine, fuel consumption is reduced further.

"The focus is on building a complete system with components that work in harmony for maximum efficiency," says Stefan Johansson, sales and marketing director at Kalmar Reachstackers. "Volvo Penta is a big name in engines and one of our valued and trusted partners."