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Profiting from powerful partnership

Volvo Penta industrial engines and machinery are making a difference to the lives of customers and to society as a whole. Sandvik Load and Haul has been using Volvo Penta engines to power their work since 2008.

Profiting from powerful partnership
The Volvo Penta solution – the mighty D16 engine.

The mining industry, like the machines it uses, has evolved rapidly over the years. It’s getting safer, smarter and more efficient. Nowadays, it’s possible to choose exactly how a mining machine should operate – either directly, remotely or even fully-autonomously. At the same time, the segment has become tougher, with increasing worldwide competition and longer, more efficient operating patterns being demanded.

Sandvik formed in Sweden over 150 years ago and has a strong tradition of delivering up-to-date equipment and solutions for mining and rock technology. Nowadays they are a global, high-tech engineering group. Since 1978 loading and hauling machines have been designed and built in Turku, Finland. Minna Pirkkanen is Process Excellence Manager for load and haul product line and is based at the Load and Haul competence center in Turku, Finland. “Load and Haul is part of Sandvik mining and rock technology business area. We are producing underground hard rock loaders and trucks for mining customers all over the world.”

The first Sandvik loader to feature a Volvo Penta engine debuted back in 2008. These days, all Sandvik mass mining loaders and trucks use Volvo Penta engines. Sandvik loaders and trucks have Volvo Penta stage II engines as standard for non-regulated markets and high altitude applications. Low emission stage IV engines are offered for regulated markets, in which ultra-low sulphur fuel is available.

Antti Nevalainen, Test Engineer at the Sandvik mine, in the control room with ‘Mighty Jobs’ presenter Lacey Rose.Antti Nevalainen, Test Engineer at the Sandvik mine, in the control room with ‘Mighty Jobs’ presenter Lacey Rose.

According to Minna Pirkkanen, it is both the proven track record and the current range of benefits of using Volvo Penta engines that appeal to Sandvik. “We have successfully worked with Volvo Penta in the past to introduce a high horse power 16 litre engine for the mining industry. Volvo Penta engines now support us in providing low total cost of ownership, and improved mine health and safety via low emission engines. Added to this, Volvo Penta engines have MSHA and Canmet approvals, which are required for Sandvik customers in North America.”

For the working partnership to have flourished, a lot of hard work has been carried out together on the product development front. Engine configuration and layout design have been closely collaborated on, while Volvo Penta offers aftermarket support and spare parts for Sandvik sales channels. Furthermore, when required, Sandvik functions as a service dealer for Volvo Penta.

The YouTube series ‘Mighty Jobs’ features Volvo Penta power solutions being put to the test on various applications within mining, harbours and forestry. One episode focuses on the work being carried out at Sandvik’s testmine in Tampere, Finland. The working conditions at the mine are tough. Operating more than 1,000 metres below ground in a damp and extremely dusty environment, the machines must be super-robust, synchronised and reliable.

Antti Nevalainen at the wheel of Sandvik’s TH551i.Antti Nevalainen at the wheel of Sandvik’s TH551i.


One such machine is a highly advanced underground dumper truck – the Sandvik TH551i. This truck is powered by one of Volvo Penta’s largest engines, the D16. Delivering around 700 horsepower and a massive 3,200 Newton metres of torque, the D16 comes with highly efficient exhaust after-treatment system, and delivers low overall operating costs for Sandvik. In the ‘Mighty Jobs’ episode, we see the importance of synergy between truck and engine in creating greater efficiency, improved safety and easier operation for the driver. 

Sandvik’s underground dump truck – the TH551i – in action.Sandvik’s underground dump truck – the TH551i – in action.
Those working with the engines at Sandvik load and haul are delighted to continue the partnership with Volvo Penta and already have plans for further close cooperation, according to Minna Pirkkanen. “Volvo Penta and Sandvik Load and Haul will work together on the upcoming stage V engine introduction. We look forward to more successes together in the future.”

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Facts: Mining Solutions Sandvik + Volvo Penta


Year founded: 1862
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Business areas: Machining solutions, Mining & rock technology, Materials technology
No. of employees: ~ 43,000


Truck: TH551i
Weight: 41 tonnes unladen
Capacity: 51 tonnes ore

Volvo Penta

Engine: D16
Horsepower: 700
Torque: 3,200 Nm