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No limits in the forest with harvesting power

“Every time I need power, it’s there in a millisecond. With other machines, I have always had to hold back because of their limitations. With this harvester, it is me who sets the limits.”

Eco Log 590E harvester, Nitta Rundvirke
Harvesting success. Eco Log’s 590E makes a big impact on productivity.

Frans Spetz runs Swedish forestry company Nitta Rundvirke. He’s been driving the Eco Log 590E harvester for around four months.

Frans is the subject of the third Volvo Penta ‘Mighty Jobs’ episode, which focuses on his life and work in forestry industry, and on how important both productivity and sustainability are in shaping a successful future.

For Frans, a vital factor when operating the harvester is engine performance. At the heart of the Eco Log E-series harvesters is the Volvo Penta D8 diesel engine, which has helped lower costs and lessen environmental impact in the forest. “The fuel consumption is so low in this engine that we can work three shifts on the same tank instead of two. This increased efficiency has been vital for us in terms of profit and sustainability. It shows that we were right not to stand still, but to go forward by using the latest technology.”

Eco Log 590E harvester, Nitta Rundvirke

Frans Spetz is delighted with the contribution of the 590E.

Eco Log’s E-series product range was launched in 2016. It consists of four harvesters in different sizes from smaller thinning machines to larger ones made for final cutting. All the harvesters feature the Volvo Penta D8 engine.

Mats Gustafsson is Marketing & Communication Director at Eco Log, and has been very pleased with engine’s contribution, as well as the overall partnership with Volvo Penta. “Since the introduction of the harvesters, the feedback we've received from our customers has been really positive. The biggest reported advantages are the rapid feedback in torque that the engines provide when the workload increases, as well as the service friendliness and the fuel efficiency. If our customers are happy, then we are happy.”

Eco Log 590E harvester, Nitta Rundvirke

The 590ED’s Volvo Penta D8 diesel engine has helped lower costs and lessen environmental impact in the forest.

Eco Log 590E harvester, Nitta Rundvirke

Volvo Penta’s D8 diesel engine is specifically designed for high performance, reliability and fuel efficiency, and comfortably delivers the power the E-series harvesters need for demanding assignments on tough terrain. The fast-paced forestry work that Frans Spetz undertakes is spectacularly demonstrated in the ‘Mighty Jobs’ episode. To fell, limb and cut a tree to length takes him just thirty seconds with the 590E harvester.

According to Mats Gustafsson, Eco Log’s customers operating the harvesters also appreciate the length of the service intervals, since this ultimately means lower service costs and more uptime. “We see Volvo Penta as a strategic partner. As we are going into stage V, we are also looking at how Eco Log and Volvo Penta can collaborate further in the future.”

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